What is a good attention getter for an informative speech?

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Think of the subject the audience expects you to speak about. For example, it could be traffic safety. Do some digging until you find a little-known and humorous factoid on the subject. For example, you could cite this statistic: "In the early days of the 20th century, only two automobiles were registered in Ohio. Their first meeting was an eventful one. This is because they were involved in the first recorded collision." A funny anecdote related to the subject matter will loosen up the audience and whet their appetite for more information.
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What are some good speech topics for an informative speech?

Informative Speech Topics You should think about your own interests, hobbies, family, friends, activities, etc. for inspiration. If you choose something you really like, your speech will be much more interesting. Any current event may be an opportunity to inform an audience. Also, an interestin ( Full Answer )

What are some good topics for an informative speech?

Anything you enjoy talking about! Also, politics are always a good topic. Something going on in society, or maybe one of your favorite music artists or something. . It depends how old you are, and how formal you wish for it to be!

What is a good introduction for an informative speech titled missing children?

A good introduction for an informative speech titled missingchildren should cover some essential information to grab theaudience's attention. Include statistics on how many children aremissing, how many don't get recovered, what happens to thesechildren, and why the subject is important.

How do you get someones attention on the start of a speech?

When wanting attention at the start of a speech, tapping a glass is the usuall thing to do. Although when public speaking, there isn't always a glass there, addressing the audience, eg. Students, boys girls, teachers, chair person, or bride and groom will engage the audience to listen in on what yo ( Full Answer )

What is a good topic for an informative speech?

a good topic for an informative speech is to talk about cell phones and traveling place and food. these gave me an A++++ on my speech class.. Answer I Introduction for Informative Speech on Diabetes . Call to Attention: How many of you are uncomfortable with this needle? What if you had to ( Full Answer )

What is a good informative speech for a college audience?

A good informative speech for a college audience would be one onentering the job force. Students could be given unique ideas forplaces to look for jobs and methods to use to get noticed as theysearch.

How do you choose a good high school informative speech topic?

Since we cannot do your homework for you, we can only pass along thoughts and ideas. If I were asked to give an informative speech, I'd pick a topic that I personally want to know more about. Then, I'd figure out how this topic most affects me and my mates, or affects animals, or affects politics. ( Full Answer )

What is an attention getter?

An attention getter is someone who always wants everyone lookingand talking about them. They will do things to attract attention tothemselves.

What is the meaning of an attention getter?

An attention-getter is a good way to start off an essay. You want to make it something that will interest people, get their attention. Questions and statistics usually work well.

What is a good attention grabber for a speech on why it's good not to lie?

This might not be that good but... For any speech you need to have an attention grabber. This might be a joke, dramatic gesture or a rhetorical question. Maybe you could find a joke or riddle related to 'why it's good not to lie'. That is a pretty hard topic to talk about eh?

A good attention getter for an informative speech on backgammon?

well you could start off by asking questions about it or start off by making it in to a mystery. OR LIKE BACKGAMMON IS ONE OF THE MOST PLAYED GAMBLING GAMES ONLINE!today But also you need to cite where it says that Backgammon game is the most played gambling game online.

What is a good attention getter for being pro gun control?

Gun control. What are the first thought in your head when u hear those words. Is it how u are for gun control or against it. Or did u think about all the shooting that have happened over the years. When I hear this I think of my opinion blah blah blah

A good attention getter for an informative speech on Habitat for Humanity?

First start out with some informative questions such as "what organization creats new lives or a better lifestyle?". that's one way. If your allowed to use videos that also is a great attention getter! there is so much more to do. these two are just a few out of many. hope it helps

What is a good attention getter on recycling?

Using a fact with numbers or something that will drastically effect the way the reader looks at your opinion. You could use something i read online, There's a landfill in New York that is so large, it can be seen from space.

What is an attention getter for a nature essay?

depends what sort of nature essay if it is describing nature it will be imagery and metaphors but if its information just throw in some random facts that most people dont know.

An attention getter for world war 2?

The main reason for WWII was because of genocide, but there is genecide everywhere, past, present and future. now to connect it, talk about the civil war and genecide against African amercians and maybe rawanda, because its genecide agaisnt another tribe. with this, have a transition to go into y ( Full Answer )

What is a good attention getter for a love essay?

Do you mean an attention-getter right at the start of your essay? It would depend on the style of writing you intend to use. For example, you might begin, 'I first noticed him because he was purple. I hated him because he was purple.' and you could go on to write that it was in art class and the ( Full Answer )

How do you get audience's attention in a speech?

You should make eye contact with each individual, if only for a second. Also, your speech should not be too long (cut out unnecessary things) and keep it interesting, make them laugh a few times.

Can you give me some examples of a rhetoric question attention getter?

Try putting scary words like rapist and homophobe, and then top it off with the beatles. You just wait and see. Why is the word "Phonetic" not spelled phonetically? Why is the word "abbreviate" a long word? What word does Geronimo yell when he jumps out of a airplane?

What is a good attention getting opening line for a speech on the importance of college?

Speeches about events focus on things that happened, are happening, or will happen. When speaking about an event, remember to relate the topic to your audience. A speech chronicling history is informative, but you should adapt the information to your audience and provide them with some way to use th ( Full Answer )

What is an attention getter in a introduction?

You can start with like O Ye People !!! Attention Everybody!! Excuse Me !! Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd, this could be a hat, a colorful outfit or even a catchy entrance. (This season on the Bachelor one of the contestants arrived on a horse!) When you are introduced re ( Full Answer )

What is a good attention getter for an essay about Greeks?

You can always get the attention of your reader by writing "GO SOAK YOUR HEAD IN A BARREL OF PICKLED NEWTS!" but that wll not improve your essay. Instead, find the most interesting fact about whatever aspect of Greek culture, history, language or politics you are discussing and start with that.

What are some good topics for a non process informative speech?

A non-process informative speech is a speech that gives information to the listener about a subject like teddy bears, or a health issue. It gives information that doesnÕt require a process like baking a cake or a how-to topic.

What instrument is the most attention getters in the entire orchestra?

It really depends on the part, the mood, and how the instrumentsare being played. Overall though, drums tend to have the ability tooverpower the other instruments if not played carefully. They alsooften help set the rhythm for the rest of the orchestra, and canset the scene for dramatic moments.