What is a good birthday gift for a 14teen year old girl?


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A good birthday gift for a fourteen year old girl would be clothes. Gift cards and jewelry would be good gifts as well.

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it depends what kind of sport she likes

A good gift for a little girl is a teddy bear. For a teenage girl a good gift is a pair of socks with Christmas pictures on them.

A little tikes car would make a perfect gift for a girl's birthday. We can buy a good quality one with the color of the girl's liking to make it a perfect birthday gift.

something from bigbang or something modern, perfume, or smthn horny

Yes because that is there birthday gift from you and that is the nicest gift ever!

gift cards are always a good idea. iTunes giftcards r fun too. or, a spa giftcard.

Jewellery/ roses/ choccies/ a pic of you together but it should come with one of the others/ champagne

Some small designer thing like a purse or a small bag Clothes or perfume is good to

give her your love and a big gift give her your love and a big gift

a good gift is be the closest friend she/he has ever had

You can buy a good 4g phone for your friend's birthday gift at any tmobile dealership or online at

It depends on what the 7 year old birthday girl is interested in and likes. A good gift could be stationary and a pen, a journal, books to read, makeup kit, barbies, jewelry making kits, etc.

A gift card to a clothes shop (if a girly girl) or to a bookshop or sports shop (whatever she's interested in).

-Hannah Montana -makeup -a day out shopping -manicures/pedicures -purse -jewelry

Uggs, a coach wristlet, a giftcard, a flece jacket, a purse, a necklace or bracelet

A doll with clothes or a gift card to Toys-R-Us. Worth 20$.

Yes!!! Even though that is a great birthday present, I think a car that she may want would be best.

A good birthday gift for a man would be sport tickets. Maybe he is into baseball or basketball. Tickets are the best gift because they can enjoy the sport with a friend or spouse.

you should make her a really cool gift basket of what she really likes. for my friendds birthday i made a cool zebra one with everything zebra..

If this gift is from a boyfriend, I would suggest something sentimental, something you creatd yourself, or something you put a lot of thought into.

If you received a gift from someone at your birthday party, your only requirement is to send a thank you note or card. If you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, however if this person is not having a party you do not have to give them a gift. You may choose to acknowledge the birthday with a small gift, a card or your personal good-wishes.

A good present for a fourteen year old girl depends on what the girl likes, and the influences of society. In any case, a general gift card or cash is a good present so she can get something she may need or want.

Consider getting a necklace and earring set, which will match well and be fun to wear.

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