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What is a good birthday present for a 22-year-old woman?


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I think flowers are a good gift and if you dont know a gift card so she can get ehat ever she wants.

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A good birthday present for your boyfriend is a kiss!

A good 19th birthday present for your 2-year boyfriend would be a fancy smartphone.

Yes, but remember not to stab the birthday person with the thorns.

if its for your birthday then yes if its not then no because if u get it for your birthday it would be a good birthday present

It depends entirely on what the receiver likes

pee in a can and give it to them as a souvenir

Cat poodle and dogs but not if allergic.

a good birthday present would be an awsome video or original camera

ok a good brith day present for teens is makeup, itunes gift card, a day at the spa

A good present would be a memorable one. I own a Pandora bracelet and every year for my birthday my children buy me more charms to put on it. Every charm tells a story.

a necklace or a bracelet or even a stuffed animal

It is a good present to give to somebody for Christmas or at their birthday if that is your question.

i think clothes would be good or maybe jewelry

You could give them a friendship bracelet or necklace?

If she is a teenager or older, matching necklaces Spa Day

T-shirts that says "world's greatest uncle

-chew toy -really comfortable bed -treats

It really depends on what he's into...or what he likes, to do, to watch, etc.

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