What is a good book thriller book for a 13 year old?

I would say like the Harry Potter series and any fantasy book.. I'm 13 and i am in love with the twilight series... but i have a super high reading level so... yeah

Harry Potter is good. Piers Anthony is good Lord of the rings (lotr) is good. I know lotr is really high level but its good. I'm only 11 but i have a uber high reading level.

Like the other two have said the Harry Potter series is and excellent read, it doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl. The twilight saga is also excellent I wouldn't say it is as multi-gender as Harry Potter, but if you are a boy give it a go. Ravens gate is brilliant and it has a sequel, evil star, but i havent read that yet so i don't know what it is like. Try the hobbit as well, its by the same person as lord as the rings but it became before the lord of the rings, there is similar characters and it is very old fashioned but it honestly does get better.