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A good brand of dvd players is Sony and keenwood. And you can do some research on RCA dvd player cause that is also a good brand. But do more research Sony dvd player case it is better to me.


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Yes! Panasonic DVD players are reviewed as one of the best brands of DVD players on the market and have been for years on end! They're a trust worthy brand.

Toshiba DVD players are known to have a very good build quality and also come with a long warranty.

There are many manufacturers of portable DVD players. These include Samsung, Philips and Sony. Another well known brand of portable DVD players is Toshiba.

Sony is a great brand of DVD player that will play DVD-R's. This brand of player will not only play DVD-R's but it will play them in great quality, unlike other DVD-R players.

There are numerous good quality dvd players, so this choice depends on your price range and what features you're looking for. You can visit or any other electronics store to view the different feature of each brand.

If a DVD is burned properly through a PC, the DVD will work in most DVD players. The DVD must be in the proper format. Depending on the brand, and model of the DVD player, the format must be readable.

Portable DVD players normally have a rechargable battery pack,that is brand and model specific.

There are good companies that sell refurbished dvd players but since they are refurbished most of these dvd players do not come with warranties .

JVC and Sony are two very reliable brands for dvd players.

Yes Samsung is a good quality brand.

A good brand is LG. Another good brand is Samsung.

All Blu-Ray players are DVD compatible

The Toshiba DVD/VCR combo players have tons of features, such as DVD recording and DVD to VCR dubbing.

Best Buy has a Sony DVD player highly rated for 29.99 online. Also a Samsung DVD player for 39.99 with HD Upconversion. Insignia is also a good brand DVD player for 29.99

* No you cannot, you need an HD-DVD player to play HD-DVD's * * HD-DVD is a brand of high definition DVD, just like "Sony" is a brand of electronics. Since an HD-DVD is its own brand and competes with Blu-Ray, the other brand of high definition DVD, it is proprietary and can only be played on HD-DVD brand DVD players. An upconverting DVD player is a DVD player that takes standard definition DVD's (in 480p) and uses digital technology to upconvert them to a 1080i or 1080p definition.

That would depend on the brand and model but some kits do.

You can find a good deal on DVD/VCR Combos at Another good site is

For DVD players, they range from the brand Philips, to RCA, Sony and Toshiba to name some. In selecting the Blu ray players, they differ a little in choice compared to the DVD players. Some brands include Sony, Philips and Toshiba as well as LG and Samsung.

Most dvd players won't have problems with this.However sometimes you'll get one that doesn't like a particular brand of blank DVD.

The Toshiba SD H400 - DVD player / DVR is a good one.

Sears usually has a good price on DVD players and sometimes they don't. Depends on the quality and if it is a bluray player. And also depends on any holdidays.

You can find that information out on they have all the information you will need for the walkman mp3 players. They should have the best brand there is.

Pioneer has good drives, good speed and price.

It varies based on the brand and model of your DVD Player. Type your players brand and model number into google along with 'hack code' and you should be able to find codes to change the region code on your player.

They are about 3 star of five rated but pretty good.

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