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A good program to keep track of children's computer usage would be a Keystroke Logger such as Spytector and Remote Spy. Keyloggers keep track of all activities that are processed when the program is on.

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Q: What is a good computer monitoring system to keep track of my children's computer usage?
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Yes.You can use iMonitor computer monitoring software, which allows you to track all the websites that are being used on your computer. This is the website of iMonitorsoft: www. imonitorsoft. com/employee-monitoring-software.html

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iMonitor is a very professional computer remote monitoring software. iMonitor EAM is local network based monitoring software and record employees computer activities. It can track all user computer and internet activities like keystrokes, website visited, time and attendance tracking, screenshots, live desktop, keyword alert and block, etc.

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iMonitor EAM is a great computer monitoring software. iMonitor EAM support to track all user computer and internet activities like keystrokes, website visited, time and attendance tracking, screenshots, live desktop, keyword alert, block function, file management & documents encryption. This is the features for your reference: www .imonitorsoft .com/eam-pro-feature-sceenshots.html

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