What is a good digital camera brand?

Well, cannon and Nikon are what I believe to be the best Compact digital camera's that are out there. Cannon's compact cameras are very user friendly and have very advanced features. Nikon cameras are also very good, but I think that Cannon cameras are better in the long run. Cannon cameras have amazing face detection, and smile/blink detection technology. There are three 2010 Digital camera's from cannon that were just released- the Powershot SX210, Powershot SD3500, and the SD1400. Obviously, I think Cannon really takes the cake, but you can decide that for yourself. They are all very good options. If your looking for a good Digital SLR brand, then Olympus, Nikon, Cannon, Sony.. etc. are good. Still cannon and Nikon are the best.
I hope this ^ helped.