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If you have a table that seats 8, the would be roughly 40 x 72. You would want 3 to 4 feet more on each side to allow for chairs and a path to get there. In addition, most hutches and credenzas are 24-36 inches wide. So, my guesstimate would be 12 ft x 20 ft. for a reasonably sized room.

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What is average size dining room?

What is the avrage size of a diningroom/

What is the size of a dining room?

I once toured a house that had been refurbished into a restaurant. The original dining room was 40' X 40'. So, there may not BE an average size.

What is dining room size?

it depends on how many furnitures needed in each room. . but the minimum size is 4X5. .

Dining Room Sets?

form_title= Dining Room Sets form_header= Buy a dining room set for your home! What is the area size of your dining room?*= _ [50] How many people will you need to seat?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10} What color do you want the dining room set?*= _ [50]

Average dining room size?

About 12 x 15 feet.

What size rectangular dining table seats 20 people?

In a dining room meaasuring 18' x 14', how can you furnish the room to serve 20 people?

How do you spell dining room?

dining room

What room is used for formal 'White House' dinners?

The State Dining Room is the usual location. The East Room has also been used at times for formal dining because of its larger size, while the Family Dining Room fills in for smaller luncheons.

How do you cut a large dining room table down to a smaller size?

cut it

Which dining room set will give me the most for my money?

A dining set from ikea is good bang for the buck.

What is a good theme for a dinning room set?

Bamboo Theme Dining is a good theme for a dinning room set

Which is the correct way to spell dinning room or dining room?

Dining room is correct.

Where is the best place to find good furniture for the dining room?

There are a few equally good places to find good furniture for the dining room. Examples would include Bassett, Amazon, Overstock, Broyhill, and Ashley Furniture.

How do you say dining room in Latin?

Tricilinium is Dining room in Latin.

What are the responsibilities of a dining room manager?

A dining room manager will oversee other staff members and all aspects of the dining room. A dining room manager will also deal with any customer problems.

What room of your house might you find the dining room tables?

Dining room tables are often, but not always, located in the dining room of a home. Some homes do not have separate dining rooms, so you might find a dining table in a kitchen or living area.

Different words for kitchen and dining room?

tablinum- latin for dining room,

What size round dining table for table for 8 x 8 room?

124 inches

What is the size of a table that seats 12 people?

The ideal size of dining table is 24" to 30 " per person.Therefore for 12 people minimum will be 12 x 24" = 288 " .It also depends upon the the size of your dining room.

What is dining room in a monastery called?

A refectory (dining room) with the kitchen and buttery near it.

Why did ancient Romans use a triclinium?

A triclinium was a dining room, or more properly, the dining couch. The Romans used the room for eating just as we use a dining room.

In what room is the dinner room in the palace of Versailles?

One of the dining rooms is called the Porcelain Dining Room.

What size dining room table will accommodate 8 people?

a 1.5 x 1.5 is a 8 seater

What is the standard size kitchen and dining room for a house 1700 square feet?

357628574 square feet

French word for dining room?

the dining room is 'la salle à manger' in French.

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