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all depends on the engineering field- along the lines of bio/biomed engineering you'd want to look at schools more like UCSD or Johns Hopkins

In Canada, all engineering schools have a curriculum that is approved and accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) Thus, all Univerities will all have, give or take, the same curriculum. University of Waterloo in Ontario was the first to offer co-op programmes, but most places do now offer them. If you can, try to get into a co-op program. You will find out what you like---and what you don't!---and will allow you to earn money at a career-related job.


try Rose-Humlan in Indianna

I don't know about sports but MIT in Boston is very good for engineering. Also Harvard has been ranked number 1 multiple years for engineering

Are you high? Harvard is NOT an engineering school...and none of the US schools you mention have "good sports" programs, as was asked.

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Q: What is a good engineering college with great co-op opportunities and good sports?
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