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What is a good first bike sport bike for someone 6 foot 4 inches?


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2008-12-07 19:31:28
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you need to purchase a ducati S4R a super super bike and it is slightly longer reach and taller for extra leg length and no one will leave you in the dust.. I love mine and ive gone through a few to figure this out.. Answer

If you have your heart set on a sports bike your not going to be comfortable anyway. One option would be the old superbikes like the kawasaki ZX-9R, Yamaha thunderace and triumh daytona 955i

But probably the best would be the "big" 600's like the Yamaha thundercat or kawaski zzr600 which can be picked up pretty cheap, have plenty of go and in comparison to the new stuff are giants.

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Some recommended first bikes for people who are tall include the Yamaha YZF600R, Yamaha YZF-R1, and the Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Another is the Suzuki GS500.

if your in to dirt jumps, get a haro. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the best recommendation I can give. It has a low seat height (for a sport bike, at least) and it's small engine size is good for beginners. I'm also 5'5" and spent a few weeks looking for a sport bike with a lower seat height but failed.

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Yes. There is the professional sport of cycling.

A sport bike is a type of motorcycle. Sport Bikes are made for performance and have better acceleration, braking, speed, and handling than other motorcycles.

Yamaha R1 is the fastest bike in the world

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this depends on what sport you are doing.

No, I think the Honda 650cc dirt bike is the fastest or a GP racing bike.

depends on the type of bike, eg a 750cc sport bike can do over 150mph

the difference that a sports bike is ment for people who ride onuntains or hills pretty much ment for people who do ridding bikes as a sport other tipes of bikes are used for people who do outside and just ride their bike not just to go on a 4 mile bike run or whatever its called but thats my answer and please dont ware it out....

An affordable sport bike is the Kawasaki Ninja 300. At under $5,000, it is capable of rapid acceleration, excellent fuel economy, and a comfortable ride.

yes the rf 600f is a high performance sport bike

yes the rf600f is a high performance sport bike

There are a few men who can be called pioneers of the sport, including Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher. But, one man is credited with building the first "purpose built" mountain bike frame, Joe Breeze

The Suzuki TL1000S is a motorbike that is a sport bike with a v-twin engine. It was first introduced in 1997 and was manufactured until 2001. It is a time honoured favorite of sporting bike riders and regular motorcyclists alike.

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