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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, or Final Fantasy 6.

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Q: What is a good game for Game Boy Advance that's not poke mon?
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What is a good Game Boy Advance game?

I like sims 2 for gameboy advance

What is the best game for Game Boy Advance for a kid in 12 years old?

Your Gay.. Its a good game!

Is there a Half life 2 video game?

Yes, its a videogame if thats what your asking.............. A good game

Is stick run a good game?

i think thats a good game well i like games and pools and to have lots of fun

Where can you find a site that has game shark for Pokemon sapphire version in Game Boy Advance? pretty good site.

How much would Game Stop give you for a good condition Game Boy advance?

Probably 10 to 30 dollars.

Is LeagueOfLegends a good game?

well No! because your killing to win the game because thats the goal and killing fair ladies (except the bad ones) is not GOOD

What is a good emulator?

For the nes, I use: fceux. For game boy color and game boy advance, I use: visual boy advance. for ds games, I use: No$gba. You can get them at:

What are the names of the two cel-shaded styles of Zelda games on Game boy advance?

oracle of ages and oracle of seasons ...have a good game...

What are the names of the two cel shaded styles of Zelda games on Game Boy Advance?

oracle of ages and oracle of seasons ...have a good game...

Are games on GameCube and Game Boy Advance played the same?

of course not. game cube uses high end CPU and GPU to process intense game experience while game boy advance is just a handheld console which runs only on battery which means it doesn't have good performance compared to game cube. Also, game Cube is comparable to PS2.

How good are Game Boy Advance games on ds?

They're the exact same as playing them on the GBA.