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When insurance for the car, costs more than the car is worth. Well, anonymous is definitely right. If it has reached that point, you probably need to buy a car that's worth insuring. I'd suggest that you drop the C&C when you feel that you could comfortably afford to buy another vehicle of equal value. I've heard a good general rule of thumb is when your annual collision and/or comprehensive premiums start to exceed 10-15% of your cars current market value.

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Q: What is a good general rule as to when to drop Comp and Collision on an old auto?
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When is it best to drop collision and comp auto ins?

When you own the car free and clear and know you will be able to repair or replace the car without insurance if there is a loss, or when you know you don't really need the car or the value of it if you no longer have it or the use of it due to a loss. Note also that you can drop Collision but still carry Comprehensive, and if you hit an animal, that would normally fall under Comprehensive rather than Collision. Since Collision is normally much more expensive than Comprehensive, this is worth considering if you're a safe driver and not likely to have an at fault collision. With this option it's even more important to carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage.

When is the best time to drop full coverage auto insurance Vs collision comperhension?

You have to weigh the value of your vehicle versus the cost of the insurance. If your vehicle is still financed you are required to keep full coverage on the vehicle. Another good option is to drop collision and keep comprehensive on the policy. Collision is if you hit something or turn it over and comprehensive is everything else including animal collisions and broken glass. The higher premium is on the collision.

What are some good body shops that offer collision repair in New York City?

City Collision is one of the popular new york auto body shops. They are affordable and they can pick up and drop off your vehicle anywhere on your home.

Do auto accidents drop off report in three years for auto insurance?


How old does a car need to be to not require full coverage in New Jersey?

Let start assuming by full coverage you mean Comprehensive and Collision coverage is included on the policy. Comprehensive and Collision coverage is always optional no matter how old or new the car may be if you have the title to the car. If you don't have title, meaning it is financed or leased, then your lender most likely will require that you keep Comprehensive and Collision coverage. The decision to have or not have Comphrensive or Collision is a personal one that needs to be based on the value of the car and how much you will have to pay for the Comp and Coll premiums. You also have the choice of just deleting Coll. but keep the Comp. By doing this you would reduce your premiums but still keep coverage for damage covered by Comp. Also consider adding Uninsured Motorist Property Damage if you drop the Coll. By doing this you think that because you are a good driver and unlikely to be the cause of the accident you retain coverage for things that are out of your control and save money at the same time.

When can you drop collision car insurance for your used car?

Anytime after you have paid off the loan on it.

Why drop an auto insurance claim?

Once you submit an auto insurance claim can your provider deny it?

Cut Costs on Auto Insurance?

In order to lower your auto insurance rates, it is essential that you drop any policy that you do not need. Many people think that if they have a car, they absolutely need collision coverage at all times. The truth of the matter is that as long as you do not have a loan on your vehicle, you do not have to carry collision insurance. By getting rid of this type of coverage, you should be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars every year. This is why it sometimes pays to own an older car for yourself to drive in.

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Why You Need Virginia Collision Car Insurance?

Drivers need Virginia collision car insurance to protect them financially in the even they cause crashes that damage their cars. When such events occur, collision insurance pays for damage done to cars belonging to the insured. Liability insurance carried by insured drivers covers damage done to the property of others. Collision insurance makes sure that drivers can have their cars repaired after an accident.Obtaining Collision InsuranceDrivers can buy collision insurance whenever they get a quote for auto insurance coverage. Drivers can evaluate the cost of collision coverage and compare it with the benefits of that coverage. Insurance agents can help drivers evaluate the need for collision insurance coverage. Drivers who own expensive cars usually want to carry collision coverage to control the financial impact of repairs. Auto owners who finance their vehicles also need collision insurance coverage. Usually, banks and finance companies require car buyers to purchase collision coverage to protect the interests of the lienholder. After owners pay off their car, they can choose to drop collision coverage.Getting Advice About Collision InsuranceDrivers can get advice about collision insurance from their insurance agents, insurance companies or financial advisors. These professionals will gather information about the financial condition of drivers, and the value of their cars and the cost of collision coverage to help drivers decide whether to buy or forgo coverage. Drivers who own cars outright can drop their collision coverage, especially if they must keep their insurance costs to a minimum. Drivers without collision insurance must accept full financial responsibility if they cause wrecks that damage their cars.Shopping Around For Collision InsuranceDrivers should shop among several car insurance companies before choosing a policy that includes collision insurance. The lowest price for coverage may come from insurance companies other than the ones with the lowest liability-only coverage. By shopping all alternatives, drivers can find the lowest price for the needed amount of collision insurance coverage.

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Why might you decide to drop collision and comprehensive coverage?

You have a very cheap car and any repair will "Wright it off" I have a friend that drives a 1990 Sundance. Retail value $500.00. Comprhensive and collision, For him, $550.00 with $500.00 deductible. Just does not make finacial sense.

Can auto insurance company drop an insured person who has a suspended license?

You will just have to contact your insurance company and ask them. Some companies will drop your policy while others will not.

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Can you drop someone off your auto insurance?

yes & u will save money if ther high risk.

Is there a fuse for the check engine light?

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For what reason would collision car insurance be needed?

Many people with newer cars keep collision coverage on their policies, but they also may not know when or if they should drop this coverage. While there's no set of rule for determining wether collision coverage becomes unnecessary for your particular situation, there are some simple considerations to make if you're debating wether or not you rshould keep it on your policy.

What are the benefits of renting from Auto Europe?

There are several benefits of renting from Auto Europe. Some of those benefits are listed in the following: cheaper rates and incentives for early drop-off.

How do you drop sr-22 insurance in Washington state?

You don't have to drop your auto insurance. Just notify your insurance company that you are no longer need the SR22 filing and they can remove it from your policy.