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An endless number

With patterns so delicate

They never repeat.

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Haiku is from japan and all that good stuff

There was a question About haiku ideas On Answers dot com

You could call your haiku, The Moon.

I have to do. History one and holocaust is a good topic

Haiku in spanish is Haiku

This is how a haiku goes: The flowers are fresh, The snow has melted away, Spring is here to stay!

I would chose Untitled for the title for a book of haiku. The reasoning behind this is, traditionally haiku are not titled, therefore with your book being titled, Untitled it reflects the poetry or at least I think it does. Perhaps, another option is Untitled: The book of haiku.

Haiku poems traditionally do not rhyme, and a Haiku would not be considered a Haiku poem if it did rhyme.

A great haiku is; a haiku like no other, that you remember -SWS

"prose" is the antonym for haiku. source

Summer is goodSummer is fun

Finding a good rate for a hotel/motel or resort in the town of Haiku is dependent on where the room is booked. Options include Kayak, Hotels, Expedia, and Hotwire.

money money yeah money money is so good money money no! 5-7-5 it's a Haiku!

Patricia Donegan has written: 'Haiku mind' -- subject(s): Translations into English, American Haiku, Haiku 'Without Warning' 'Haiku mind' -- subject(s): Translations into English, American Haiku, Haiku

haiku started from Japanese

Haiku is the correct spelling. A haiku is a type of Japanese poem.

There are 3 lines in a Haiku.

Haiku originated in Japan.

Yes, a haiku poem can have periods.

the haiku was originated from Japanese poetry.

There are 2 syllables in haiku

A haiku is a type of Japanese poetry.

a haiku is a 17-word poem

My Haiku was eliminated from the competition, because I had the wrong number of syllables. I wrote a haiku?