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I went to a resturant who served food at anytime so i orded french toast during the renasiance
why was it called the dark ages? Becuase there were so many knights
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A good joke?

what 4 leter sport starts with a T ---- golf three workmen had been working on a building for a while and every lunch brake they went and sat out on beam, the red head said ehh every day for lunch i always have a tuna sandwhich if have a tuna sandwhich one more time im going to jump off this bea ( Full Answer )

What is a good joke?

A good joke is a joke that more people like it then don't, a bad joke is the other way around, if you need some jokes try this sight, it even has a voting section that tells you how many people liked it and how many people didn't "LOL.com" - "Awsomer then You" PS i go to that web sight all the t ( Full Answer )

What is a good knock knock joke?

This is a decent one- Knock Knock Who's there? Interrupting Cow Inter..... MOO! The ever popular joke of Jeff dunham- Knock knock?..... Who's there?...... It's me, I love You!!! lol thatz a good one kassidy- Porsha:) Dc11's Knock Knock Who's There? Me! I kill You!

Anyone got a good joke?

A model walked into a store looking for some curtains. She went to the Manager and said "Excuse me where are your curtains?" Then the manager said, "Sorry this is a computer store only." Then the model said "But my computer has Windows!!". i took my fish to the vets coz it has epilepsey ND THE VET ( Full Answer )

What are good jokes for children?

Knock knock jokes are great jokes for children of all ages. Here are some favorites: Knock knock - Who's there? - Ya - Ya who? - I'm glad you're so excited! Knock knock - Who's there? - Boo - Boo who? - Well, you don't have to cry about it. Knock knock - Who's there? - Ash - Ash who? - Bless yo ( Full Answer )

What are good flirting jokes?

I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bedrock. Someone call heaven, I think an angel's gone missing! What is your parents' phone number? I just want to call them and thank them.

Good jokes for boys?

ok try this one. its not what you think. boy:wanna hear a dirty joke? girl:sure boy:a horse fell in the mud! girl: that's kinda funny! *laughs* hope that helps!

What is a good liberal joke?

If you're not a liberal by the time you're 20, you have no heart. If you're still a liberal by the time you're 40, you have no brain.

Where can you get good jokes?

On MyYearbook, there are tabs at the top. There is a tab that is mostly Misc. and in it are some jokes. I don't know if it's still there, but I think it is.

What are good birthday jokes?

SOME folks are sensitive about their age, so be careful... Besides, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! -Get it? I like to tell people (especially those I've never met) that they don't LOOK a year older...

Is there any good black jokes?

there's a fat black guy and a skinny black guy who hits the ground first neither the rope stops them. NEVER MAKE FUN OF AFRICAN AMERICANS!!!! I AM NOT ONE BUT WHO CARES THEY AR PEOPLE WHO HAVE FEELINGS TOO!

Does anyone have a good joke?

Ya. How about your momma is so old, her birth certificate says "Expired"...lol What kind of jokes besides this one.

What is a good joke to tell a friend?

Here are a few jokes that may amuse your friends... 1. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9! (as in, 7 ate nine. It sounds the same, and your friend should get the joke straight away. 2. Only play the next one on a friend that can take a joke and knows you are only acting: You: Why did the ch ( Full Answer )

What are some good Polish jokes?

A Polak wanted to learn how to sky dive. ... ...He got an instructor and started lessons. The instructor told the Polak to jump out of the plane and pull his rip cord. The instructor then explained that he himself would jump out right behind him so that they would go down together. The Polak unde ( Full Answer )

What is good joke to say to a girl?

Dont say a sex joke cause those are just annoying to us. Give afunny joke like a dumb blonde (unless she is blonde) inside joke(these are the best) or knock-knock joke (these work good becausethey are easily started and will keep her engaged longed plus shewill interwact with you during the joke so ( Full Answer )

What is a good joke for my teacher?

Here's a pretty good one since it is somewhat relevant to school, but not making fun of it! You: Want to hear a pencil joke? Teacher: Ok, I'll hear your joke. You: Oh nevermind, it's POINTless!

Where do you get good jokes from?

the average human normally gets jokes from a life memory. for example, i once saw a dead rat on the road so i could write a joke about it. like what did the old man want for his hunting trip? he wanted a hat tail. so hat rimes with rat. the joke is that beavers have tails like a hat top and he is go ( Full Answer )

How do you think of good jokes?

what I usually do is I go on the internet and i types in : "what are some good jokes?" and some good jokes will most deffenitly come up. hope this helps you little buddy. p.s. sometimes you can just think of good jokes (that you made up) on the top of your head. Example: what did the mother beaver ( Full Answer )

What is a good joke to say to a girl?

Well, from a girl herself, I personally LOVE dumb blond jokes! Here's a good one to tell her: One day a dumb blond went to her boy friends foot ball game, she watched the game and when the game was over, her boy friend walked over to her and said "Did you like the game?" "Yeah I guess so, i just don ( Full Answer )

What is a good fashion joke?

YOUR MOM Now if you really want the answer go to a place like Google or bing or even AOL or ask.com cause people put fasle information on here all the time

Are there any good jokes about pi?

Jokes yes, good jokes no!. you are stupid and need a life. you are asking if there are good jokes about pi? wtf Your momma is so fat, when i said what's pi? she said wheres the pie? haha -_-

What is a good animal cell joke?

One cell said to the other cell, "I don't know how to multiply!" The other says, "It's easy, silly, just divide!"

What is a vary good joke?

you're so dumb you thought a quarterback was a refund. You're so ugly that bob the builder said ''I can't fix this". You're so dumb you fell in love with broken. You're so ugly that when you sat on a rainbow it faded away. You're so fat I spent money on gas driving you around the block. You're so lo ( Full Answer )

What are good ginger jokes?

whats the difference between a ginger lieing in the road and a dog in the road , people tried to stop for the dog

What are good Triceratops jokes?

What does Triceratops sit on? It's Tricera-bottom. What do you get if you cross a Triceratops with a Kangaroo? A Tricera-hops. @_@

What Are Some Good Maori Jokes?

How can my brother throw a ball very hard and it comes right back to him, even though no one and nothing touches it... He throws it straight up.

What are some good atheist jokes?

1. How many atheists does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to actually change the bulb, and the other to videotape the job so fundamentalists won't claim that god did it. 2. What did the atheist say in the afterlife? "I'm not here! This place doesn't exist. I don't believe in this ( Full Answer )

What are good Lady Gaga jokes?

Many "good" Lady Gaga jokes are too inappropriate to be listed here. However, here are some suitably appropriate ones: How do you get Lady Gaga's attention? Poke her face. Why is Lady Gaga so sad? Because she had a bad romance. How do you entertain Lady Gaga? ...Just dance. Where does Lady Gaga kee ( Full Answer )

What are some good punchline jokes?

I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. I've got to sit down and work out where I stand. If I save time, when do I get it back? Where there's a will, I want to be in it.

Are there any good childrens jokes?

What's the difference between broccoli and buggers? Kids don't eat broccoli. Whats the difference between you and your calendar? The Calendar got dates! (Girl and boy dates) (get it?)

What are good joaning jokes?

When I saw those teeth I didn't know if I should smile or kick a field goal. You're teeth are so yellow i can not believe it's not butter. You're so stupid you tripped over a wireless phone. You have so many teeth missing, it looks like your tongue is in jail. You're so bald, when you put on ( Full Answer )

What is a good James Bond joke?

On a flight James bond was sitting next to a Telugu guy. Telugu Guy: 'Hello, May I know your name please?' James Bond: 'My name is Bond' Continuing in his inimitable Style,…… James Bond.' Then Bond asks: 'And you?' Telugu Guy: 'My name is Rao… Siva Rao… Samba Siva ( Full Answer )

What is a good your mommy joke?

Your momma is so fat that when she jumps for joy she gets stuck Your momma is so fat that when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house Your momma is so fat that whales sing to her 'we are family, I got all my sisters and me' Your momma is so ugly that when she walks her dog people ask ' ( Full Answer )

What is a good earthquake joke?

Q: Why did everyone accuse [insert name] of starting the earthquake? A: Because it was his/her fault .

Where can one find good jokes?

You can find good jokes on one of the most popular website. This website is comedy central. The website has tons of funny jokes to tell and share jokes for sports, etc.

What are some good bee jokes?

A good bee joke is, who is the bees favorite singer, Sting. Anotherone is How does a queen bee get around her hive, she is throne.

What are some good Guitar joke?

A good guitar joke is, What is the difference between a ukulele anda banjo, it only takes you half as long to burn a ukulele. Anotherjoke is how many bluegrass pickers does it take to change a lightbulb, none, they won't touch anything electric.

What are some good hospital jokes?

You can find some good hospital jokes online at Great Clean Jokes.One hospital joke is " What's the difference between a marriage anda mental hospital? At a mental hospital you have to showimprovement to get out."

What is a good joke on rattlesnakes?

When you are out in the woods with a group of friends and a rattlesnake bites you on your Gluteus Maximus (rear end), that's when you find out who your TRUE friends are! For those who don't understand, the way to save you is to suck out the venom!

What is a good bee and cow joke?

What did the cow say to the bee when asked how it felt to be milked with infected utters? He said, "it stings"

What are some good hippo jokes?

1. What do you call a long haired hippo? - A hippy 2. What's a hippos favourite type of music? - Hip-hop 3. And what does he listen to it on? - His Hi-Pod 4. How do you give a hippo an injection? - With a hippodermic needle 5. What does an old hippo need? - A hippoperation 6. How does a hippo say he ( Full Answer )

What are some good egg jokes?

Don't get messy with an egg, otherwise the yolk's on you. A few names for eggs: Shell-don, Homlet, Yolk-O-Ono and Freyda.

What is a good frog joke?

An example of a good frog joke would be: What did the frog dress upas on Halloween? A prince.

What are some good dog jokes-?

Here is one good dog joke: " Q: What do you get if you cross a gundog with a telephone? A: A golden receiver!"