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ancient Egypt lasted_________ long. What is true.

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What were ancient Egypt people good at?

They are good at trading and stuff

What is a good question for jeopardy?

see related link they have lots of good questions

What is a good topic sentence for an essay about ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt was known for their great pyramids. then ur esay... AP

Who was the governor of ancient Egypt?

=Your guess is as good==as mine=

How were women treated in ancient Egypt?

women in ancient egypt were treated very good because they could own land and a business.

What goods helped Ancient Egypt raise to power?

the helped good that raised ancient Egypt power was gold, Stone's, foregrounds and minerals

Did ancient Egypt have a good security system?

yes of cores my friend told me at school he is from Egypt

What is a good introduction for an ancient Egyptian project?

Ancient Egypt was a time when many things were accomplished....

How did the delta in Egypt help the anctient people?

the delta in egypt helps the ancient egyptians by letting them have the mystery of the ancient how did they used the delta."good luck" (:

What can be found on stage and on the Nile?

- Egypt on the Nile and on stage a good representation of ancient Egypt in the opera 'Aida'.

Why were hippos hunted in ancient Egypt?

because they were fattys and had good meat

What is a good question for jeopardy for category Shojo Manga?

what are comics for girls in another language

Why did the ancient Egypt welcomed the flooding?

Since Egypt is a dry area, flooding was good so that their crops can get water

What is the good luck charm of ancient Egypt?

the most known lucky charm of Egypt would be the great eye

What would make a good title for a brochure to Egypt?

Some good titles for a brochure for Egypt might be: Discover the Wonders of the Nile Travel Egypt: Gateway to the Ancient World Culture, History, and Mystery: Welcome to Egypt

Why do you think the people of ancient Egypt were not afraid of the flood?

When the Nile flooded in ancient Egypt, it provided their farmland with water and nutrients. The ancient Egyptians considered the annual flood to be a good thing because it supported life.

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