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You should have double dutch, freestyle single rope ( aka double dutch with one rope instead of two), the onion ( two long ropes crossed ). you can add choreography in it, like dance moves, gymnastics, or push-up's in the tricks, for example, doing push-up's in a single rope. get a song with a good beat, like, um, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-11 01:01:39
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Q: What is a good jump roping routine?
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What are good jump rope exercises?

Jump roping backwards.

Is jump roping good exercise?


When did jump roping start?

jump roping started Long ago in Egypt

What is the high score for jump roping?

the highest number for jump roping is 1,000

What highest number on jump roping?

the highest number for jump roping is 1,000 times

Will jump-roping become an Olympic sport?

Why would something like jump-roping become a sport in the Olympics? Answer that. Well, there are, believe it or not, national competitions for jump roping. So why wouldn't it?

Is jump roping good for you?

Well, you are exercising and exercising is good for your health as long as you don't over do it.

Will Jump-roping help lose weight?

Yes, if you do it as an anarobic exercise. Do jump-roping very intense for about one minute, then take a one minute break. Do about 5 sets of these and you will get a pretty good burn

What is the world record for jump roping?

the world record for jump roping is over 51,000 jumps it is in the genious book of world records

How do you warm up before jump roping?

you dont just jump!

When was jump roping invented?

I don't know.hehehehehehehehehehe

What were Earle Dicksons hobbies?

jump roping

How many calories can you lose a minute by jump-roping?

You lose 1000 calories per hour

Is jump roping a form of aerobic exercise?


What is the longest time of jump roping?

1 second.

What is the world record for double dutch jump roping?

Double Dutch jump roping is an activity many young people have taken part in over the years. As of 2014, the current double jump record is 128.

What does jump roping help improve on?

helps you lose weight

Do you get bathroom break when jump roping for world coppititenn?

yes you do

What type of physical activety is jump roping?

cardio or aerobics

What does jump roping do to your body?

Its a good cardiovascular workout. it also strengthens the leg muscles and i believe it helps increase stamina and balance.

What are some good talent show ideas for kids?

Dancing,singing,magic act,jump roping(fast),& hoola hooping.

Why is jump roping good for your health?

It gets your heart going. Gives you physical activity. Burns calories. Its excersice, to everything that included @_@

The name of ABDC's jump roping group in season 5?

They were Saltare

How do you lose your baby belly fat?

Jogging,Acrobatics and Jump roping!

Is jump roping an ancient Chinese game?

It's unclear when jump roping began. According to the jump rope institue "The first concrete evidence of jump rope activity can be seen in medieval paintings where children roll hoops and jump rope down the cobblestone streets of Europe. Although, the exact origin of jump rope activity is unclear. Some date jump roping to ancient China; however, the Western versions probably originated from 1600 A.D. Egypt. What is known is that jump roping, in some form or another, spread through Europe to the Netherlands, and eventually to North America." While it likely dates back to china no one is positive about this.