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vegetables,fruit,less fattest foods etc

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Unfortunately, no. In fact, the general concensus is that eating a large breakfast actually helps you lost weight.

Meal replacement shakes are a good option to lose weight but only if you make sure you burn more calories than you take in. Substituting some foods with shakes may help you reduce your caloric intake.

if you use it as a meal replacement you will lose weight but if you drink it with every meal you will gain weight it's all about calories in - calories out get it !

There are many many many websites to help you lose weight. Besides expensive programs such as weight watchers or jenny craig, you can find meal plans online at places such as or

In order to lose weight you must reduce your caloris intake and also exercise. More information about the free meal by meal weight loss plan is availabe at:

Yes, meal replacement is a healthy way to lose weight. There are many choices of meal replacement diets, so be sure to choose the right one for needs. If you follow the diet correctly, you are sure to get the nutrition you need while losing weight.

There are many websites with a good meal plan. A good website with a seven day meal plan is a website called This website with definitely help you lose weight fast.

Here is a website that gives a fairly detailed weight loss meal plan, and it can be tailored to your own individual caloric intake requirements: I am not a medical professional, but if you are trying to lose weight, a good meal plan should also be supplemented with an exercise regimen. low repetition high resistance exercises are great for building muscle which helps to burn fat. High repetition low resistance exercises are great for building muscle tone. You won't lose as much weight, but it will help you look more fit.

exercise 30 minutes a day and eat healthy.....hope that helps and exercise before eating a meal to keep your metabolism going

Some good nutritional Diet Plans are the Anti-Aging diet Plan, the Eat-And-Lose-Weight Meal PLan, the Mediterranean Meal PLan, and the Soup Diet (Basic Recipes)

Fiber is a good addition to any weight loss diet plan. It helps you feel full more quickly so that you eat less at each meal.

Throwing up after a meal is a sign of the dangerous and potentially deadly eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa. It is a dangerous and not a good methos for weight loss.

Diet-to-go is a good meal plan that is delivered. It is a low-carb and low-fat plan that will help you lose weight fast.

Weight Watchers will lead you to a good weekly diet meal plan. Also try the Eat-And-Loose-Weight Weekly Meal Plan to give you the results you are looking for.

You really don't. Not unless you do it after every meal, and it is bad for you.

It's true that it is easier to lose weight if you plan out your meals and count calories ahead of time. You can do this by finding a free meal planning chart.���weight-loss-meal-planner.html

If you replaced a meal with a low calorie, high protein smoothie you would lose weight as long as you were actually using it as a 'replacement' and not snacking on other foods though out the day that you wouldn't normally eat because you were hungry from not having a meal.

to lose weight you are best eating 5 really small meals a day and doing allot of exercise. and yes it will help with losing weight eating 1 meal a day isn't good cos if u are going to do that you have to keep it up forever if you don't, when u stop ur likely to gain it bak on because having 1 meal a day is like starving yourself

Many websites can help you lose weight sensibly and at a generous pace. is a great source for inspiration, exercise tracking and meal planning.

There are a variety of weight loss meal plans that can help you. Most of them focus on a different style of eating to help you loose weight. you can browse these sites and see which is best for you!

The best thing to do is to give her a healthy meal.

A great weight loss plan includes, diet, exercise, and discipline. You have to have a good planned meal that includes a portion of what your body needs like protein, a little carbohydrates, a little calorie, fruits, and vegetables.

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