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If you are a true Irishman then nothing!  You could use Ginger Ale or soda water. Answer A lot of Irish mix Jameson and Coke, or any Irish whiskey for that matter with either Coke or 7up. It is also used to make a good Irish Coffee.

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What is a good noncarbonated mixer for whiskey?


What is a good mixer with Canadian whiskey?

a large shot of semen

What is a good whiskey?

The worlds most popular whiskey is Jamesons Irish Whiskey. It is good. There are many more good ones as well.

What is sugar content of Irish whiskey?

There is no sugar in Irish whiskey.

What logo for Irish whiskey has mes in it?

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Where can one find information on Jameson Irish Whiskey?

You can always check the webite for Jameson Irish Whiskey. Alternitively you can check with Forbes in their "Complete Guide to Irish Whiskey" or find Jameson Irish Whiskey in Wikipedia.

Is drinking Jack Daniels in coffee good or bad?

Hey, whatever you like to drink is good for you. There's even a recipe for "whiskey-in-your-coffee" (Irish coffee: coffee + Irish whiskey), so go for it.

What is illegal Irish whiskey?

Diet Whiskey

Why was Mountain Dew invented?

for a whiskey drink mixer

Can you use Tennessee whiskey is place of Irish whiskey in a recipe?

Absolutely - the flavour will be a little different to that of Irish whiskey but there's no reason why not.

What are drinks starting with Irish?

Irish coffee and Irish whiskey.

What has the author Malachy Magee written?

Malachy Magee has written: 'Irish whiskey' -- subject(s): History, Whiskey '1000 years of Irish whiskey' -- subject(s): Whiskey

When was Irish Whiskey - novel - created?

Irish Whiskey - novel - was created in 1998-03.

How many pages does Irish Whiskey - novel - have?

Irish Whiskey - novel - has 317 pages.

Contents of Irish Coffee?

coffee and Irish whiskey

What are the ingredients in Irish mist?

Irish whiskey honey

Does baileys Irish cream taste good alone?

Only if you like the taste of whiskey.

Is laphroigh an Irish whiskey?


What is an Irish whiskey?


What is the alcoholic ingredient for Irish Coffee?

Irish Coffee contains Irish whiskey.

What are names of liquors that start with an I?

Irish Whiskey Irish Mist

How do you make the Irish Coffee?

mix coffee and Irish whiskey

What to mix with Michael Collins Irish whiskey?

Irish cream

What are the release dates for Irish Whiskey Rebellion - 1972?

Irish Whiskey Rebellion - 1972 was released on: USA: 1972

Drink with an l?

Irish whiskey.