What is a good name for a band spider monkeys or the perimeter or no definition or running with scissors or skinless bones?

Well, Running With Scissors is Already an established band... though it is quite a cool name as long as your mates don't mind.

Skinless bones is a bit graphic; it would go good with a heavy metal, emo-punk or goth type of music.

Spider Monkeys has potential. Again, though, already another band's name. However you can make any name unique if you just swap some letters out. You know Spyder, Spydr, Munkeys, Monkees, Munkees. That sort of thing.

No Defintion and The Perimeter sound good. It isn't an already established band (which is a plus) and it's short and to the point. You don't want a tongue twister no one can say; it'll be an easy name to remember when people want to recommend you.

☻♥☺ GOOO no definition ....it sounds the best to mee