What is a good name for a website like MySpace?

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Given the popularity of websites like myspace and facebook, any competing sites are going to have to find a niche or theme which differentiates itself from those two. With their huge domination of that market, a new starter has no hope of meeting them head-on.

In that vein, i present you with my idea for slapfight.com.... instead of sending messages users would send each other slaps. Red hand-marks could be superimposed on the users' avatar whenever a message has recently been received, and if possible you could tie it in with a silly one-on-one slapfight flash game.

"Slap your friends silly on slapfight.com"

Oh.... you asked for a GOOD name.... im afraid i cant help you there.
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Do websites like Myspace and YouTube encourage a narcissistic attitude?

Answer . I believe that the attitude that you experience depends upon who you allow into your friends circle. IF you choose to be cautious, allow only those who think like you do you will have a good experience. I do. And if someone is not nice I take them off my list.

What are some websites like MySpace?

anamiros.com (colors like myspace but as twitter!) yuwie friendster facebook cafemom(if you're a mom) blackplanet tagged hi5 bebo orkut twitter cyworld yuwie is not a website u would want to go to it is for buying movies only u can log in and log out on it and that's all.......... ( Full Answer )

Can websites like YouTube and MySpace be coded using PHP?

Yes! YouTube is actually mostly written in Python. Many major web sites like Digg and Facebook are written in PHP. In fact, YouTube clones such as videobroadcastscript.com and rayzz.net were already made using PHP. Xorinzor: Agreed with this awnser just to clarify: Phyton is used server-side ( Full Answer )

Is MySpace a good website?

I personally think that MySpace is great...in MySpace you can chat with friends, put music in your profile, and you can customize your profile...the only problem is that not that many people are using MySpace...Most people prefer Facebook.(Which i don't get why cus MySpace is way better and way mo ( Full Answer )

What is a good MySpace graphic website?

There is mygirlyspace.com, whateverlife.com and glitter-graphics for girls...... I'm not sure about boys, because I do not know what they like for myspace graphics.

What is a good MySpace screen name?

A good MySpace screen name could be anything. But one thing that is popular right now is your name then a word begining with the same letter/sound/rhyme (or vise versa, word then name). . Eg.. . Some names for myspace are: sexiibabe . )sexyfide(: . Money$Maker*

What is a good name for a website?

This can be as creative as you want but at least make the name relevant to what is on you site. E.G. dont have your site name www.penandpaper.com if site is about music. a good site for you music site would be www.Music4u.com. however you have to have a relevant and good site name that is not take ( Full Answer )

Are there any websites for kids like MySpace?

You can go on kidzbop.com! It is like youtube and myspace! But it is just for kids. There is also fbfkids.com (Facebook for Kids) and for little kids there's fbfkiddies.com (Facebook for Kiddies) kidswirl.com also!

What are some good MySpace names?

There are many different types of names. LIke love names, heartbroken names, weird names, cool names, funny names, there are Soooooo many. GO to google and type in good myspace names and there SHOULD be many sites about what you are looking for☮

Are ther websites like myspace ofr age under 12?

www.onlinelife.com www.smallworlds.com www.vpchat.com www.weirdoz.org/visualchat www.scenecaster.com www.geocities.com/riggysvpemporium www.sp-studio.de www.avatarist.com www.avatarity.com allavatars.com www.geocities.com/kipamum/index.html www.angelfire.com/rock/rockstarzavata ( Full Answer )

What are good MySpace names?

A good idea for a name is something like a nick name. For eg. if your name is say Gabby a good name would be gab, gabri, gubby etc. Or you can have a song title for eg, this is who i am Or you can even just have the letter of your first name. ☠ ☮ ☯ ♠ Ω ♤ ♣ ♧ ( Full Answer )

Websites like Facebook and MySpace?

orkut.com really it is just like facebook You may also try Bloviated.com. Its like wikianswers, youtube, facebook and myspace put together.

What are some good websites for MySpace names?

Okay, so I'm just gonna say your name is.... Kassy & your last name is.... Longo.. &kassy; .... ( kassy ] .... Hi, im Kassy [: .... Kasssy ; * .... kassylongo(: .... k a s s y .... or simply just Kassy. Haha, you see what I mean here. Just be creative xp Or say you like bands such as NeverShoutNeve ( Full Answer )

Are there any website like MySpace?

yep , yep there is, ok heres a list of some: bebo.com facebook.com blackplanet.com xanga.com imeem.com 360.yahoo.com classmates.com tagged.com livejournal.com gaiaonline.com orkut.com spaces.live.com hoverspot.com buzznet.com sconex.com migente.com myyearbook.com ( Full Answer )

What are some good names for your website?

It depends on what kind of website it is. like if someone named Disney.com stuftanimal.com that really wouldn't make any sense so be more specific and someone may be able to answer your question. whoever gave that answer is right, it depends. like if ur making one that is for like hanging out a s ( Full Answer )

Your name is darby What is a good myspace name?

Will there no good name for you my space gets be you self put your first and last name that good, or you can put. What ever you love??? . Something you like?? . or your name? it not the best thing to do but it ok!!!!

Is there any websites for kids 13 and under like MySpace?

Yeah. There is lots of cool stuff. There is Club Penguin. Its where your this 3D penguin, and you walk around and make new frends. Its very safe, and the writing is stricked. Theres Webkinz, you can type your own messages using Kinzchat +. (not that good, but i like it!) These are both very ki ( Full Answer )

Is there any other website like MySpace?

Yes, there are more than a few. One is Facebook.com, MySpace's main competitor. Friendster.com was actually online before MySpace and bears many similarities. hi5.com is another similar social interaction website geared toward younger users. Livejournal.com has similarities, but is more geared towar ( Full Answer )

Are there any websites like MySpace for girls?

If you are looking for a fun, safe, (but not babyish) website for girl that is like Myspace, you should trywww.friendscents.com. My account is "angel." You are supposed to have a friend request you but I didn't. Just go on their waiting list. It is fun and easy!

Do they have a website for MySpace?

yes of course..its www.myspace.com when you are logging in to become a new member always make sure you look up above at the link so you didnt enter it wrong..Myspace will only ask you your user name and password..sometimes if you hit the wrong letter it will bring too another site that will ask you ( Full Answer )

Is there a website like facebook and MySpace?

You could try Bloviated. It is just like Facebook, Youtube and MySpace put together. You can chat, make friends, upload and watch videos. There's also Newgrounds.com, where users can upload music, flash games and videos they create, as well as comment and rate other user's submissions. Twitter ( Full Answer )

What are good names for an animal website?

Well depends If it is an animal abuse website then you can be called kentuckyfried cruelty or McAbuse or an zoo website you can be called Zoos'r'us or if you want to be an advice animal webisite you can be called Advice4Animals. or just a random animal website plain but cool you can say AnimalCrazzz ( Full Answer )

Websites like MySpace for kids 13 and under?

The best one isn't www.meez.com because you have to be 13 and up. Which isn't fair because there are a lot of kids under 13. I think someone in the world should make a website for kids under 13. At least under 14 that would be really REALLY REALLY fair! Alicia Frazier

What is a good name for a chat website?

There are many different names that would be good for a chatwebsite. You could call your website Chatter Channel for example.

Are there any good websites like Habbo?

Yes There Are , There habbo retros where u get free credits etc try thehabbos.org theres loads just remember dont use your habbo password just in-case of hacking

What website do you go to if your parents haves chating website blocked like MySpace?

Lol there is a website called NEOPETS.COM that let u dress up a pet, buy clothes and have your own home with as many rooms as you would like. You get to battle with other NEOETS and buy cool items to fight. there are different places (they show u a world map). You can also go into challenges dark fa ( Full Answer )

What is good about a website like Wikipedia?

Wikipedia offers tons of useful information that is donated by wikipedia users. Anything from the human body to WW2 to Thomas Edison, there's a page for it. And if there isn't, its super easy to make one. The pages on wikipedia are usually very well organized and put together and the website format ( Full Answer )

What are some good names for a website like facebook?

Some good ones are: 1. Kegglebook 2. Snagglebook 3. Snapchat and also i have a cool website for pokemon and football fans! Football: www.footballdex.weebly.com Pokemon: www.pokemongamests.weebly.com

What does a good website look like?

Yes there are lots of different websites, and they all lookdifferent. It is just a case of deciding which one is most suitedfor the individual person. Some of them are designed for girls,some for boys, some for young children, some for teenagers, somefor puzzles, some for games, some for chatting or ( Full Answer )

What are some good websites like wordle?

Wordle is a website that creates digital images of word or word clouds. They group together many words that describes something and arranges them in a strategically way. There are many advertising sites that can help achieve the same effect even some Word programs.