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There are many names that one can give to a junior class. These include the jazzy juniors, the jubilant juniors, as well as the joyous juniors.

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Do you capitalize senior and junior in a name?

Yes. Examples: Junior Class Senior Class Junior-Senior Prom

Should the name of a class be capitalized?

Yes. Examples: Junior Class Sophomore Class

What is a good team name for science?

Junior Einsteins!

What is a good team name for a class. I am in seventh grade and for an assignment we have to come up with a name for our class. Any ideas?

a good class name is the riverdogs I think it is a good name. I have an idea a good class name is bulldogs or funny bunny.

Should you name your son junior?

If your name is Junior, then no. Junior Jr.?

Is there a junior dog show?

In a dog show there is a junior class that you can enter

Is a dental hygienist a good job?

I think this is a good major. I am researching majors with my junior high class and this is a job I have chosen to major in. (:

Is Junior Johnson his name or is he a junior?

he is a junior

Can you bring a date that isn't a junior to the junior prom?

yes you can bring an under class man to a junior prom only if the upper class man ask that person to go

What would be a good name for Frankenstein's monster?

Frankenstein Jr (Frankenstein Junior) will be a good name as the creator of the Monster was Frankenstein.

When to capitalize junior and senior?

When it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: Junior-Senior Prom Junior Class

What is the birth name of Junior Coffey?

Junior Coffey's birth name is Junior Lee Coffey.

Is the name junior a weird name for a guy?

Yes You may be talking about a guy whose legal name is Junior. This is not usually the case. When a boy is named after his father, he will often sign his name with 'jr' at the end, and he is often called Junior as a nickname. Junior would be an unusual legal name, especially if it is his father's name as well. His father would be Junior Senior, and he would be Junior Junior. Imagine if their family name is Senior. they would be Junior Senior Senior, and Junior Senior Junior. If the son is in the military, he might be Major Junior Senior, Junior, Camp Jejune.

Can you suggest a good name for a class magazine?

STUDENT`S CORNER is the suitable name for a class magazine.

How do you be a good class captain?

to be a good class captain you need to keep the class quite and if any is talking you must write they name down

Is pwd junior engineer a class I gazetted officer?

No he is not

Should you name your child junior or the second?


What should you name my car?

bob or gill are quite good :) or mabye name it after yourself and put junior on the end :D

What is the name of Junior Gong's girlfriend?

Junior Gong's girlfriends name is Lisa Bonet

What is the birth name of Junior Reid?

Junior Reid's birth name is Delroy Reid.

What is the birth name of Junior Samples?

Junior Samples's birth name is Samples, Alvin.

What is the birth name of Junior Vasquez?

Junior Vasquez's birth name is Mattern, Donald.

What is the birth name of Junior Wells?

Junior Wells's birth name is Blackmore, Amos.

Is there a Marine Junior ROTC class in Peoria Arizona?

Yes, there is a Marine Junior ROTC class in Peoria, Arizona. Several high schools offer various versions of the subject.

What is a good name for a Freshman Class?

feisty freshmen

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