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yes. A good penis size for age 14 is generally 5 inches, the average, meaning your penis will likely grow to larger than average. A 6 inch penis is good for someone grown up. Your penis is doing very well!

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Your penis is a little over 6 inch is that normal?

Average for a adult is 5-6 inches.

If a penis size is over 5 inches and the boy is only 11 is that a good size for his age?

Dude.... why are you thinking about 11 year old boys penis'

How long penis in necessary for better sex?

Any penis over 2-3 inches is sufficient for good sex. You might have heard..its not what you got, its what you do with it that matters.

Is six inches a good penis size for a 14 year old?

No. At that age a male should be well over 8 inches. If not your below average

What is average large Penis?

About 6 inches or over.

Is 5.8 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumfrance good enough for a 15 year boy erect?

This is about, or just over the average size erect penis for your age.

How will you know when your penis starts to grow?

your penis grows gradually over time little my little so after while every month or so measure it but besure to eat right and stay in good health

What breed of horse has the largest penis?

I had a thoroughbred belgum cross. His penis was well over 18 inches.

You are 14 and your penis is nearly 8 inches is this normal?

Everyone is different. Don't worry about it That's way over average. Good on you.

How do you know if your penis is too long?

Unless your penis is over 12 inches long, it's not "too" long.

How many inches is 39.5MM?

It is about a little over 1.5 inches

What the size of 19 cm penis big or small?

19cm is 7.4 inches. average is 6inch to 7.5inch, so its pretty average, maybe a little bit over

How big is a English mastiff penis and knott?

Our English Mastiff's penis is just over 14 inches long with a knot that is right at 6 inches in girth.

How long in inches is 3.14 of rope?

its about 3 inches but a little over

How much is 250 mm is in inches?

A little over 9.8 inches.

What size is not normal for a penis?

over 16 inches and under 4 for a grown man

When is puppy stage over?

actually puppy stage really is over if there penis has grown and their not that little

Do you have to be 18 to sell stuff to a pawn shop in the state of Washington?

Yes you must be 18 and your penis must be over 6 inches in Length and 3 inches width. Good luck pawning, hope this helps.

What is 46cm in feet and inches?

18.11 inches - or a little over 1ft 6in

My penis is 7 inches and im 12 is that average?

That is huge dude its way over avrage

You are an adult in your 30s and your penis is 1.5 inches soft and 4.5 hard is there anything you can do about this?

Yes. You can do something about it. Just realize that penis size does not matter at all as long as you have a loving partner who is not shallow enough to cry over penis sizes. Live a normal and fulfilling life with her. Good Luck!

How many feet and inches is 1.68m?

A little over 5 feet, 6 inches.

What is cause for small penis?

If it's over an inch or so long, it is normal, and the size is inherited from the boy's mother and father. The person with a small penis is not responsible . . . he did not do anything wrong to cause his penis size. By the way, the average length of an erect penis in the US is about 5 inches to 5-1/4 inches.

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