What is a good quality DSLR camera?

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The Canon 5D is a professional grade DSLR.
If your looking for recreational use, Canon T2i
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Dry out a DSLR camera?

Put it in a large bag of rice for four days and take the battery out of the camera (but the battery goes in the rice as well). DO NOT TURN IT ON or try to use a blow dryer. I

What is a good camera to use for first time DSLR users?

Hey there all. Was just wondering if anyone knew a good DSLR camera for first time DSLR users? I'm 15 and i know quite a bit about cameras as it is. I have £200 to sp

Does the canon cameras have good quality?

Canon cameras are an excellent camera company. They have many different formats available, ranging from the digital format to manual cameras. Prices will also range dependent

Can a Sony dslr camera take HD quality pictures?

There are several types of Sony DSLR cameras which will take HD-quality pictures. These include, but are not limited to, NEX-5, a55, DSLR a900, Alpha A580/L, aSLT-A33, NEX-3K,

How are the picture qualities for a Sony dslr camera?

The picture quality on the sony dslr camera is top rated. With interchangeable lenses and several accessories available, you can choose the best equipment to handle any given

Which Canon DSLR camera is good for beginners?

The Canon EOS 600D or Canon EOS 1100D have good reviews as a camera for beginners. They have good picture quality, sensor control and are not too expensive.
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What are the features of a Sony DSLR camera?

There are a number of different Sony DSLR model cameras and the features will vary depending on the model of camera one is researching. Some of the features one might find on
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Where can an Olympus DSLR camera be bought?

One can buy an Olympus DSLR camera when one goes to stores like Henry's, Black's, Business Depot, Staples, Future Shop. One can also purchase the item online at the websites
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How do you tell if a camera is a DSLR?

The easiest way to determine whether a camera is DSLR (or SLR) ornot is by seeing if the lenses are detachable. If you can switchbetween different camera lenses, the camera is