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There are lots of really good recipes online for coleslaw dressing.A couple of really good recipes are available on

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2012-08-29 21:18:59
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Q: What is a good recipe for coleslaw dressing?
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What is raising cane's coleslaw recipe?

The exact recipe for Cane's coleslaw is kept private. A copycat recipe suggests combining coleslaw dressing onions, green peppers, and shredded cabbage.

How do I make the recipe coleslaw dressing?

The best free recipes for colesaw dressing can be found online at the Food Network website or I hope the coleslaw turns out well for you.

Does anyone remember the recipe for the extraordinary coleslaw at the old Sauer's Restaurant in Chicago?

The coleslaw at Sauer's used nine parts white cabbage to one part cabbage. Its dressing was made of mayonnaise, vinegar, and black pepper.

Can the vidalia onion vinegarette be used for coleslaw and is there a special recipe?

Yes it can and no, there is no special recipe. Coleslaw is simply a shredded cabbage salad. Most any vegetable, such as onion, carrot, beets, peppers etc. can be added to enhance the flavors. Sometimes the cabbage is brined or slightly fermented (like sauerkraut) before adding herbs, spices or a dressing, typically an egg based dressing like mayonnaise, but sometimes a vinegar oil based dressing (vinaigrette).

Is coleslaw a citrus?

No. Coleslaw is finely-shredded raw cabbage, usually dressed with a vinaigrette salad dressing.

How long does coleslaw dressing last?

I usually make a container of coleslaw dressing and use it all week. Ive had one container for a week and a 1/2 and it was good. im sure it would last longer, ive just never tried!! :)

What is a good recipe for vegetable salad dressing?

What about Marinated dressings?

Does sams carry coleslaw dressing?

well, it depends if you like it or not

What is a good simple coleslaw recipe?

A simple coleslaw recipe would be to shred the desired amount of cabbage, carrot and onion, then bind together with mayonnaise. Those who are watching their fat intake could substitute the mayonnaise for a lower calorie alternative.

How long does coleslaw dressing last after opening?

2-3 days

What is the purpose of a salad dressing?

Well that is simple lettuce tastes offal on its own and salad dressing makes it eatable. I am so glad someone invented salad dressing. Of course coleslaw goes nice with salad so you don't always need dressing. I'd recommend Marks and Spencer's coleslaw that is the best one to go with salad. Some other coleslaw have an vinegar taste.

What food groups are in coleslaw?

Coleslaw is shredded raw cabbage with a vinaigrette salad dressing. Therefore, the food group belongs to the brassica family.

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