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I am a professional Lab Technician and I just had my resume professionally written. This is only a suggestion but instead of an "Objective" statement, maybe you should consider stating a "Background Summary" i.e. Computer Science and Engineering Technician with demostrated experience (or knowledge).....(make this short and sweet, two to three lines at the most). At the end of this, add the words, "Accomplished in" and give examples. Hope this helps

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Q: What is a good resume objective statement for a post-graduate computer science and engineering student?
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What degrees are offered by the CVR College of Engineering?

CVR College of Engineering offers Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology. They also have postgraduate degrees such as, Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Application.

Is there a difference between computer engineering and computer engineering technology If so what is it?

Computer engineering technology is the product and concepts that is used in computer engineering.

What is diff between computer engineering and computers science engineering?

Computer engineering focuses on computers hardware, similar to electrical engineering, but Computer Science Engineering focuses on the software of computer, ie computer programing.

What is the salary for computer engineering?

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Which is better software engineering or computer engineering?

computer engineering because its not specifically specialised on one thing but the whole system of a computer unlike software engineering which specialises on the software only and it also contained in software engineering.....

What does a computer engineering?

Engineering is the science of assembling or building something, therefore computer engineering is the science of building computers. Computer engineering is different from software engineering, which is concerned with building software to execute on a computer. This means that it is preferable for computer engineers to understand how to build software. Computer engineering is generally a discipline in universities that offer engineering degrees.

What should you write for career objective for call centers field?

To strive for academic excellence and impart quality education with emphasis on-computer Science & Engineering.

Usage of computer to civil engineering?

usage of computer to civil engineering

What is the difference bet computer science engineering and computer engineering?

they are about the samething

What is the similarities between computer engineering and software engineering?

Computer Engineering students study the design of digital hardware and software systems including communications systems, other computer applications, Software engineering is a sub part of computer engineering.

The difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

computer science and computer engineering mostly overlap each other. The basic difference is that computer science mostly deals with computer software and computer engineering mostly deals with computer hardware.

What is cs engineering?

Computer Science Engineering.

Is electric engineering is best or computer engineering?


Is BCA and MCA equal to engineering?

MCA is equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).MCA - Master of Computer Applications.ME - Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering).Thanks and best regards to you all.

Uses of computer in computer engineering?

Like many engineering classes require, computer engineering should be taking with prerequisites of electrical engineering. Computers in this field are used for the curriculum. The difference between computer engineering and computer science is that computer engineering deals with the hardware of a computer, or all the things you can see when you open a computer up, like the motherboard or hardrive. comp science deals with the software such as programs like Microsoft word for example

What is the history of computer engineering?

The first computer engineering degree program in the United States was established in 1972. Now computer engineering is done by a variety of agencies.

In order to become a network security specialist should you study computer science or computer engineering?

computer engineering.

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

Which university is best in computer engineering?

comsats iz the best uni for computer engineering...

What subjects i need for computer software engineer?

There are various subjects that are used to study for software engineering. Objective C, Java, Operating System, Multimedia Applications are some.

Can mca scholar teach for engineering courses?

MCA is equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering). MCA - Master of Computer Applications. ME - Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering). Thanks and best regards to you all.

What is EECE?

It is an acronym for "Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering"

What are the applications of engineering economy to computer engineering?


What are the differences between computer engineering and computer science?

Manufacture of different parts of the computer and its assembly is computer engineering and application and operation of computer comes under computer science.

What university programs have a lot of math but not much computer programming in them?

Accounting, Engineering(except computer engineering, software engineering and electrical engineering), Physics, Chemistry, etc