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What is a good sentence for geography?

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"I dont know how to spell geography", said Anne
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What is a good sentence?

A good sentence is when the grammar and spelling are correct and the idea you want to convey is clear.

How do you use geography in a sentence?

Geography isn't my favorite subject, but since you came to me for answers i'll tell you! 1) I went to geography class today. 2) Geography is a very fun subject (not true!) lot's of people hate geography as well including me jiajia2023

A sentence with geography?

The new course I decided to take was Geography , because my friend has taken that class and said it was interesting and worth taking.

Why is geography a good subject to study in school?

It is very good because you will know about places, rivers, mountains, and other areas of the world. Someday you may want to go to one of these places and it is always good to know things.

What is a good sentence with the word deserted in the sentence?

The deserted town was no longer a priority. The female liondeserted the dead gazelle, seeing that the male lion was returningto his earlier kill. You deserted my heart the minute you said it'sover. The FBI swarmed the property, guns out ready to fire, only tofind it deserted. Did any of these help a ( Full Answer )

Why was the geography good?

If you're refering to the geography of the southern united states during the civil war, then it was good because of all the hills. Being ontop of a hill and having your enemy come from the bottom is an advantage because it is much harder for them to take cover, and for them to get to you while it is ( Full Answer )

What geography is about?

Geography Don't you see the word geography is the product of geo and graphy? . Geo- means something of the earth . -graphy means a type of art/science So it's the art and science of the Earth.

What is a good sentence for was?

Please feel free to write your own example sentence using the wordWAS below. Was there any homework last night? Was there a fight outside? Was that a fight yesterday? Was Grey's Anatomy on last night? There I was in my dream, siting next to my best friend. I was planning on attending the field trip, ( Full Answer )

What is a good sentence with the word primp in the sentence?

She must really like this guy because I've never seen her primp so long before a date. She spends hours primping in front of a mirror before competing in a pageant. I hate to spend all morning primping, so I need a quick hair and makeup routine.

What is a good sentence for?

? A good sentence is for more information about what you need to write and inspire.

What is a sentence using the word geography?

Before going on a hike it is important to understand the geography of the region you are going to. Studying geography is important to the understanding of climates and biomes.

What is a good sentence for they?

They is used to refer to two or more people when using thirdperson. Some sentences for they are: They had a good time at the circus. The students had a lot of homework so they startedit as soon as they got home. If they said that they would behere at seven, they will be here at seven.

What is the definition of goods and services in geography?

Goods,services is the definition of "Economic Activity" which is the production of goods,services,labor,ect. So basically it is vice versa. Goods and service is'nt a definition is Geography, but is the definition of a geography term. Which is Economic activity.

Why have geography?

So you can know the locations on our earth and where things are happening, and why.

Why did Rome's geography make it a good place for a city?

Rome\nwas originally on seven hills. People liked to live on hills because they were\neasier to defend from raids. The hills formed a large area which could\naccommodate urban growth (though when she became a megacity with a huge empire\nshe extended beyond these hills). Rome was also by the only fo ( Full Answer )

What is a good question about Ireland's geography?

There are lots of them: What is Ireland's highest mountain? What is Ireland's longest river? What is Ireland's largest lake? There are lots of them: What is Ireland's highest mountain? What is Ireland's longest river? What is Ireland's largest lake? There are lots of them: What is ( Full Answer )

What is a good sentence for have?

Here are 3 examples: I have a beautiful dress, with many colors. Tom, do you have a pencil that I can borrow? Have you seen the amazing movie that came out last month?