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Q: What is a good size portion of cauliflower to eat as a snack?
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What makes a good portion of food?

One serving is the size of your hand.

What is an Lasagna portion size?

what is an lasagna portion size

What is the average size of a cauliflower?

About 2 pounds is usual

If you only eat 3 times a day and a meal in between is it good yes or no?

That's the typical eating pattern. It is okay depending on portion size, it is said that a meal should be about the size of your palm (without the fingers) 2nd answer If you eat a decent healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a halthy snack in between then that should be okay.

What is a portion size?

For a Gourmet Chef, the portion size CAN NOT be bigger than the size of your palm

What is the average portion size for meat?

the portion size for meat is 5 in a half oz.

What is a normal portion size for dinner?

A normal portion size is around 6 ounces of meat. Most Americans eat way more than a normal portion size in all areas.

Is t-bone steak good for you?

It is and it isn't. As with most things, it depends. In this case, the portion size is important.

What is the difference between serving size and portion?

a serving size is a measured amount, portion is just a random amount

Is watermelon good for diabetics?

Yes, as long as you eat it in moderation, consider portion size, and check with your doctor about your diet.

How many servings in broccoli cauliflower toss?

This would depend on several factors, such as how much broccoli and cauliflower you use, and the serving size (1/2 cup, 1 cup, etc.)

How many calories are in a bowl of cauliflower?

The calories in a bowl of cauliflower is determined by the size of the bowl and whether the cauliflower is cooked or raw. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail. Meanwhile, for the calories in cauliflower (both raw and cooked) see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What are the dimensions of a regulation size snack bar?


How much is a portion size for uncooked rice?

75-100g per person, depending on how much you eat, will give a good meal.

What variates those Almond Joy come in?

Snack Size, Pieces, 8-Pack, King Size, and a bar.

What is an allotment size?

An allotment can be any size. It is a share or a portion of something which is given to an individual or group.

How can you contrast Broccoli to Cauliflower?

Cauliflower has closely tight masses that are together on stems. With broccoli, these flower masses are more loosely distributed so you can see each space between stalks. Broccoli can be described as looking like trees, while cauliflower can be described as looking like a cumulus cloud. Cauliflower is white in colour with green leaves surrounding it. Broccoli can be dark green or have a purple streak through it. Cauliflower has slightly fewer calories in the same serving size. There is no vitamin A in cauliflower, however there is in broccoli.

Difference between serving size and portion?

None A portion is not defined by size, it is just an amount, a part of the whole. A serving size is an exact amount, such as a spoon full or a cup full or a cooked object which, in itself, is a specific size

Has the Big Mac always been the same portion size in the US?

The Big Mac has been the same portion since 1971. McDonalds has not changed the formula or size since then.

Size of the illuminated portion of planet or moon?


What is the portion size of broccoli?

I give 4 ounces

What different sizes of bags are offered by Ziploc?

The different sizes available by ziploc are snack size, sandwich size, pint size, quart size, gallon size and 2 gallon size. Those are the sizes that are available to the average consumer.

How many servings in a can of cranberry sauce?

That depends on two criteria, the size of the can and the size of the portion/serving.

What is the portion size of 1 ounce of cheese?

one once of cheese is the size of the ones pon the cocktail sticks

What tells the portion of the whole that is referenced by the fraction?

The numerator does, but you still have to know the denominatorin order to know the size of the portion.