What is a good special effect program that you can download for free Things like lightning out of fingertips like in Star Wars Help?

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There are a lot of good tutorials on youtube for this, but I recomend getting a free trial of Adobe After Effects
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Why do people like Star Wars?

i think its because of in the real world you wish you could do things like that but as of now we can NT but watching stuff like that and playing the game lets you feel like ou are a part of there life and people like that feeling hope this was of any use :)

Why are tall things more likely to be struck by lightning?

Answer . Tall structures are more likely to be struck by lightning because they are closer to the clouds where the lightning originates, and tall structures must have a suitable foundation that goes deep into the ground. Lightning needs a 'path to ground' to occur (although lightning will jump fr ( Full Answer )

Does Christian Serratos like Star Wars?

She might like it but not to much because she doest like sci-fi movies a lot she loves to watch funny and nice movies like twilight.

Does Miley Cyrus like Star Wars?

No she hates star wars. She's more of a girly girl then a star wars player for sure . no she hates it she's such a girly girl she won't even watch her family/dad and brother play it!!! P.S todays date is 2/10/08 MILEY CYRUS IS PREGNAT IT WAS IN THE NEWS PAPER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )

Why do you like Star Wars?

It's awesome, violent and action packed. It's also just a really good use of someones imagination with a whole new alphabet, new languages and the special effects and storylines are just amazing.. It's the only movie I can think of that actually shows the hero becoming bad. Plus Revenge of the Sit ( Full Answer )

How can you like Star Wars?

You dont have to like it. It is a matter of opinion. Some may like it, some may not.

Is there a program like musicshake but then free?

Musicshake is a free application, but charges a 0.99$ fee for a personal download. The only way to get good software for free is to download it in torrent form, but in some countries it's illegal. your choice.

You would like a free database program?

\nIf you are looking for a Web Database program, then MySQL is the way to go.\n. \nIf you're looking for a free database program (like Microsoft Access) then you can try http://www.openoffice.org/

Why do people like free things?

Because you don't have to pay for them and they don't cost any money.. Because the best things in life are free.

Where can you download effects like a mac has but for windows?

To make your computer like a mac you will need to download thefollowing things: -object bar (the mac finder bar) -super docker (the mac icon bar) -and go to google and search download the mac caption buttons andlook for things that says download mac buttons -then search download the mac black apple ( Full Answer )

Why do boys like Star Wars?

Well for one thing it has action in it which boys love, then it has some violence but not very much so boys also like that, and take it for granted Star Wars is just pure awsomeness. But another reason is because it has some romance which mature boys may like but since it doesn't have alot of romanc ( Full Answer )

Do girls like Star Wars?

I'm a girl and I'm obsessed with star wars. are any other girls??\n. \nOh yeah! I am totally obsessed with it and I am a girl. Are the boys the only one with light sabers? No way!

Is there a free program like False Flesh?

The only possible similarities to the program could be using Photoshop, HP Photo Shop Editor or Pic Batch. However, they aren't designed like False Flesh and results are only based off of your knowledge with the program itself. The program probably could be downloaded though on certain torrents, t ( Full Answer )

What do you like about Star Wars?

lightsabers, the force, grand admiral thrawn, boba fett, the emperor and Darth Vader. star wars rules

Where do you see when you downloaded a program Like say if you downloaded AIM when can you when you downloaded it?

AIM and other programs of this type are instant messenger services, though they have other uses. You need to download the program and save is to disc. Navigate to it and click on the set up program. This will install it onto your computer. You then need to input various details and add people who yo ( Full Answer )

Where is a good site where you can download Star wars kotor from?

You can never download video games for free. you either need to purchase (or buy) them from a store, or download therir demos. Unfortunately, I've tried to look for a demo for that game, but there is none. So, unless you have money or you are a kid who can get their parents to buy them the game, ( Full Answer )

What is a good special effects program?

I recommend Adobe After Effects. It is very costly at 1,000 dollars and only works on 64 bit computers if you are wanting to get CS5. Another one would be Sony Vegas Platinum or Pro. Platinum is ideally cheaper in the 200 dollar range while Pro is in he 500 dollar range. I recommend Pro though.

Why do l like Star Wars?

Some people like it for the action some for the 'romance'... the wookie, etc. your reason is different from other peoples and only you know that unless you told someone else about what you liked

Did Roald Dahl like Star Wars?

It wasn't around then. Maybe it would of but if it was around he wouldn't have time to watch it, because of writing all his stories

Are there any good free games like runescape with no download?

try funorb, it is by runescape or try evony (don't you'll regret it). however it you want a good downloadable game, try perfect worlds intenational. Why dont you try mabinogi its free or steam it has a bunch of games some are free

Are there games like Star Wars galaxies?

There is one "true" successor to Star Wars Galaxies. Star Wars: The Old Republic was created by Bioware (creators of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, a fantastic RPG itself) under license from LucasArts. It's a traditional MMORPG in the style of World of Warcraft except... it has Jedi. A ( Full Answer )

Where can you download the star wars movies for free?

I personally believe you should support those that made it by purchasing the Movies in store but, this Website was made to give proper Answers, so I shall give it to you- I would say your best bet is to search for Torrents.... To get Torrents, you will need a program called utorrent, then you can ( Full Answer )

Will life ever be like Star Wars?

If you mean technology-wise, maybe someday. Technology keeps on advancing all the time. But it's still a mystery

Are there any free programs like garageband for windows?

For a free software, Audacity will do the trick. Moreover, if you don't want to limit yourself from remixing/mixing, I suggest you to get dub turbo. The software can be used to make remixes, and at the same time add effects, create beats dubstep and other kinds of music. Tutorials will be prov ( Full Answer )

What does a Star Wars droid look like?

There are quite a few different kinds. R2-D2 looks sort of like a trash can with wheels, C-3PO is much more humanoid, and there are quite a few others with different appearances. Perhaps you aren't aware that "droid" is slang for "robot" in the Star Wars stories.

How does lightning help living things?

Lightning is so strong that when it strikes it lights up a tremendous amount of area around it. Lightning helps living things that need light. Just like the sun. Lightning may strike a particular area where the sun hasn't shown in a while. And just with that quick glimpse of light, that plant or flo ( Full Answer )

What is a good editor like newbluefx but free?

Newbluefx is completely free:) if you download avs video editor it is a free movie editor and you can go to Newbluefx.com and download the plugins:) newblurfx is compatible with avs video editor and you can get newblue fx free:) there is a newbluefx watermark but it is free! If you have a mac try im ( Full Answer )

What is a special thing people like about mars?

Mars is the most Earth-like of all the planets in our solar system (not including Earth itself). While it would certainly not be easy for human beings to live on Mars, it would nonetheless be easier for human beings to live on Mars, than it would be for them to live on Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Satur ( Full Answer )

How do they do special effects for star wars?

Before the prequel films and animation came around, most of the backgrounds were actually matte paintings. The explosions were actually real; models were really blown up and filmed. Most of the huge weapons such as the Imperial walkers were actually down using stop-motion animation when you shoot a ( Full Answer )

Where can one download all the Star Wars movies for free?

By taking out a free trial with Netflix or Love Film, one could view all the Star Wars movies for free. Alternatively one could try a peer sharing or torrent site but there don't appear to be any legal ones to recommend.

How does temperature effect what stars look like?

The varying surface temperature of stars emits varying"temperature" electromagnetic radiation. Hot stars are a brilliantwhite when looking at only visible light while cooler stars areredder. However to human eyes specifically, most stars will alwayslook pure white due to them emitting visible EM rad ( Full Answer )

What programs was likely effected by a macro virus?

Although many ofearly macros viruses affected Microsoft Office applications ( Word , Excel and others), these viruses can strikeany application with a macro language including some operatingsystems..