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What is a good substitute for praline liquor?

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Frangelico is the substitute I use, though it be hazelnut. I know in The Encyclopedia of Cajun & Creole Cuisine by Chef John D. Folse, CEC, AAC there are a couple of recipes that say either is fine.

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What is praline liqueur?

you substitute frangelico liqueur for praline liqueur

Can hazlenut ganache be used instead of praline?

Yes, in fact hazelnut ganache is a very healthy substitute for praline due to the natural anti-oxidants and fatty-acids (the good kind).

What is a good substitute for frangelica liquor?

Any generic hazelnut liqueur.

Good substitute for brandy liquor?

McCormick makes a non-alcoholic brandy extract.

What is praline liquor?

More often than not, it is a cream liqueur, like Bailey's, that has the flavor of Pralines added to it.

What liquor substitute can be used for damiana?


Can you substitute amaretto liqueur for praline liqueur when it's called for in a recipe?

Absolutely. It will only vary the taste slightly.

What is a good substitute for patron liquor?

You'll be doing yourself a favor by substituting it with any other 100% agave tequila.

What liquor substitute can be used for Triple sec?

Grand manier

Is there a substitute for Licor 43?

I was told its a citrus vanilla liquor and that I should substitute Tuaca... We'll see how it goes

What liquor substitute can be used for Kahlua?

Cafe Royale, Tia Maria.

What is a substitute for southern comfort liquor?

Jeremiah Weed bourbon liqueur.

What can you substitute for Anise liquor?

pernod tastes of aniseed so maybe...

What is a Substitute forbrandy in fruit cake?

Different types of liquor can be substituted for brandy in fruit cake depending on your own taste, and on the sort of fruit used in the cake. Bourbon can be a good substitute, particularly if the cake contains cherries, and almond liquor would be very nice in a fruit cake containing almond.

What can you substitute for pernod liquor?

Ricard, owned by the same people.

Where can one get a good praline recipe?

There are some amazing praline recipes which are like a candy coated pecan. One can find recipes for pralines on sites such as Southern Creations, Food Network and All Recipes.

What is substitute good?

A substitute good is one that can be used in place of another good.

What is an antonym for praline?

Antonyms are words for opposites, like hot-cold, dry-wet, rich-poor. But not all words have opposites, and praline is one of them. There's no such thing as an anti-praline.

What is a typical markup on spirits at a liquor store?

What type of markup does a liquor store make on it’s good that it sells, liquor

What is the liquor substitute for drambuie?

Drambuie is a liqueur that consists of scotch whisky, honey, and herbs. You could probably substitute it with any other scotch with a little bit of honey blended in.

Whats is a substitute for shortening?

Butter is a good substitute.

What is a good sugar substitute?

HoneyIf you mean as a sweetener, stevia is a good sugar substitute.

What is a good substitute for Kraft garlic cheese in a tube?

Almost anything is a good substitute for that.

What is the pronunciation of praline?


What can you use as a substitute for shallots in a recipe?

Scallions are a good substitute.