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Get one with lots of bronzer's. Ask a salon employee to help you find one with the most bronzer's. My favorite is Obsidian by Designer Skin. But each tanning salon might vary in products so I would just ask.


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Tanning oil will get you the darkest fastest. There is little sun protection in tanning oil so you will get dark, fast.

it is better to tan out side than inside. the light bulbs in the tanning bed can give you skin cancer. the UV ray cant give you skin cancer as fast as a tanning bed. It doesn't depends on the lotion either. so out door tanning is better than indoor tanning. if have any more questions contract me at

Pure baby lotion works great for tanning. No sunblock though. You'll get tan fast. Watch how long you lay out. The baby lotion "magnifies" the sun's rays.

Obsidian by Designer Skin, it has 30 bronzers in it, it gets you dark FAST. Also has ingredients to help keep your tan for longer. The bronzers do not turn you orange. I love this lotion.

I also cannot stand tingle and last year in in order to get tanned quite fast I tried a lotion called "Coco beach tanning lotion" that was quite amazing and works also as a protection against UV!

You shouldn't ever go into a tanning bed without lotion. You won't tan nearly as fast and you age your skin 10x faster and you'll burn more easily. If you aren't going to use lotion, I'd say don't tan at all.

It's called tanner's itch and it's from tanning too much too fast. Take a break in between tans.

This really depends on your skin type. If you are just getting started and generally hard to tan then you should start with a basic accelerator like Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator to get the tanning process boosted and prevent any staining or streaking. Once you have established a good base then you can move up to the bronzing lotions. However, if you are an intermediate to advanced tanner then starting with a bronzing lotion is the best way to get dark fast! These products are specifically designed to increase your skins ability to tan and the results are far darker then tanning without them.

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tanning at like a tanning place can cause cancer.

The average temperature of a tanning bed gets to be around 100 degrees fahrenheit. Depending on whether you are using UVA or UVB lamps they can control how fast you tan and how dark you become.

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The lotion comes off as fast as you can wipe or wash it off, unless you've already rubbed it in. As to the color left behind: how long it lasts is inversely proportional to how much you hate it, or love it. to be a little more helpful, speed it up by using a loofah or another exfoliating method when you are showering.

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laying out in the sun with tan lotion,get a spray tann

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wear a lower spf sunblock lotion in the sun, just not to low or u will burn

Allow me to recommend Vaseline Intensive Care skin lotion.

I dont know of any lotions but bio oil is good

It depends on how fast of a learner you are. You might get it right away, or it might take you a while.

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