What is a good thesis sentence for loyalist essay?


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the loyalist is against the patriots

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if you have a thesis statement for this essay, you can just repeat the thesis statement (pratically what the essay is about)

Any sentence that clearly states your problem and solution would be a good thesis statement.

what is a good introduction thesis for the sory killings

There are many good thesis statements for an essay regarding animal testing. One thesis statement may be 'The Effects of Animal Testing and Cosmetic Use.'

I believe the thesis for this essay is reading is essential for learning. Something along the lines of that.

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This essay will be analyzing the a solution to immigration

For one, it has to summarize your essay in one-two sentences. Also it is the base on which you build your essay around. It needs to stick out and it needs to be known that it is your thesis. Generally a thesis is in the first paragraph of a paper, but some teachers may want it some where else. Just remember that your thesis says that this is what my essay is about, this is my main point that everything is focussed around. A strong thesis sets the way from a strong essay.

Friends are always there for you or why you need friends.

You need to include an introduction sentence. It will be a statement that you talk about for the whole essay/assignment. For example, if it was about the climate in Tennessee, "Tennessee's climate is normally very warm, but can get a little cold." You will also need a thesis statement. A thesis statement is to an essay (or any long piece of expository writing) what a topic sentence is to a paragraph. It states the overall main idea. In an essay, its good to make the thesis statement the last sentence of the first paragraph. i. e. the first paragraph is the introduction, with the first few sentences catching the reader's attention and leading up to the thesis. In a persuasive essay, the thesis should state your position on the issue being discussed take a definite stand on that issue; state the idea you wan to convince the reader of. Hope this helps!

This is the most important part of the whole process, the foundation upon which your whole essay is constructed, and it must be the first thing done; until you have written the thesis sentence it is useless to try writing anything else. Given a topic, assemble your material and review it (mentally if in class during an exam) until you are familiar enough with this material to form an opinion or judgment about your topic. This opinion or judgment is the stand you are taking on this particular topic and it will be the conclusion which your entire essay will to try to establish and support. This is your thesis sentence; and this is why the thesis sentence has to come first when you construct an essay. If you are not good at writing then you can seek help from the online essay writing services to write the essay paper for you.

What is a good thesis statement on video violence and how it can also be educational.

You're going about it backwards -- the thesis is a brief statement of what you're going to write about. Only you can come up with something you want to write about. Write the essay first, then your thesis will come to you from what you wrote.

A good thesis statement is one that clearly states the main idea of your essay or paper, such as "Trees are the lungs of the planet" or "Music is necessary for life."

restate the thesis statement ( the topic sentence)

characteristics of a good thesis statement?A.It should be a statement you could argue for or against.B.It should include the phrase "This essay will...."C.It should leave no doubt in the reader's mind as to what the essay will be about.D.It should be specific.

its always good to restate the question in the first paragraph to answer it, it adds length and personally i think it looks smart. When I right an essay I like to do this as the first sentence. Say the essay question was your question. I would use "Some good words to use for the introduction sentence for an essay are restating the question as an answer." Also, you should state the points you're trying to (dis)prove in your essay. Summerize the purpose of the essay. When i write essays, I like to do the intro/conclusions after I write the body of the essay, because then I know exactly what I'm going to say at that point. Don't forget to restate your intro or if you have one a thesis statement in your conclusion. Good luck!!

Before we can answer this, you need to give us an example of what your thesis is. (Your thesis statement is your main point-- what will your paper about Wuthering Heights try to prove or discuss or focus on?)

A good thesis is one that is not overly broad and is specific enough to warrant the presentation of concrete evidence. It should have a topic that is worth discussing and reading about.

A good thesis statement for an essay on the Lottery should include three or four major aspects of the Lottery. The statement should include the origin of the lottery, the purpose, the how to of the lottery and finally the effects of the lottery.

You have to collect and organize evidence and look for possible relationships between known facts such as surprising contrasts or similarities. Make sure your thesis is one that can be used with a compare and contrast essay. Have a clear thesis by keeping the prospective of the readers in mind.

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