What is a good trivia question?

Q: What is the author of Harry Potter. Q: Where is Alaska located? Often the best trivia quiz questions are those that include a clue to the answer in the question. For example, http://www.paulsquiz.com contains many such questions. A good example in my opinion could be: Q: Which seldom-seen album spent a record 741 weeks in the US album charts? The question contains a clue, which in this case is simply "seldom-seen". One can ask oneself what can be seen only seldom. Therefore in this case the answer to distinguish from other possible answers would be: A: Dark side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd Another good question in my opinion is: Q: Since June 1986, what has travelled in a clockwise direction at around 12 metres per seond? Again, the clue is right there. June 1986 is one clue and another is that it travels in a clockwise direction, implying a rotation of something. The question also is worded in a way that implies that it is still taking place and that it did not happen before then. Good trivia quiz teams would debate with each other what events had taken place in (June 1986) that time frame. One massive event that captivated the world in exactly that period was the football (US: Soccer) World Cup. Where did it take place? Mexico. What was an outstanding event from the competition? The introduction of the so-called Mexican wave, or La Ola as it is better known in Mexico. And yes, it did travel around the stadium always in a clockwise direction and at an average speed of 12 metres per second. The two examples above are what I consider to be good trivia questions.