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Try This Way to Overcome Anger

Many of us can not express anger appropriately and hence suffer ourselves (due to self infliction) or repent (due to violence towards the others. Overcoming anger is essential for being fulfilled at hart.


1. Understand that anger is a potent feeling. It results from something that you strongly resent or disagree. This is due to your perception.

2. Understand that anger indicates the activation of autonomic nervous system.

3. Appreciate that anger, if expressed impulsively, inadvertently or erratically then it can be either self destructive or violent to others. 4. The cause of anger and the solution to the factor that caused it have to be studied. For example, the anger towards crimes can be overcome by giving proper expression if you find out the causes and solution to various crimes.

5. Understand that the external cause of anger is only partially responsible for it, because your subjectivity determines your perception and your autonomic nervous system determines your degree of your anger. In addition your cerebral involvement (involvement of your brain and thinking) makes the anger uncontrollable or controllable


1. Appropriate action to deal with factor/s causing anger is very important.

2. If you are inadequate or immature then you have to do namasmaran, anulom-vilom and Kapalbhati pranayama. It may be necessary to study the problem and equip yourself before any action.

3. If social situation is erratic then you have respond to it appropriately.

4. Infinite patience or impatience may be due to fear or thoughtlessness respectively.


Lack of any training Total Stress management is one of the reasons of incorrect perception, feelings (anger) and response (violence towards yourself or others).

Answer2: Anger-prone people [are] almost three times more likely to have a heart attack than those who are slow to become angry," says a report in the Globe and Mail newspaper. Nearly 13,000 people took part in a six-year Heart disease risk assessment. All participants were free of heart disease at the start of the study. Each person was asked a series of questions and rated as to whether he or she had a low, medium, or high anger index. Over the six-year period, 256 had heart attacks. The study revealed that those with the moderate rating were 35 percent more likely to have heart problems. The leading author of the study, Dr. Janice Williams of the University of North Carolina, says: "Anger could potentially lead to heart attacks, especially among middle-aged men and women with normal blood pressure." Therefore, the researchers recommended that anger-prone people should consider using stress-management techniques.

To reduce anger, slow down and relax. Try to avoid saying the first thing that comes to mind. If you feel yourself getting overly excited and feel you are in danger of losing control of your emotions, apply the Bible's counsel: "The beginning of contention is as one letting out waters; so before the quarrel has burst forth, take your leave."-Proverbs 17:14.

A calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism." (Proverbs 14:30) Applying this basic Bible truth can improve one's emotional, physical, and spiritual health. To reduce anger, slow down and relax. Start by learning simple relaxation methods, which help to reduce feelings of anger. The following techniques have proved to be effective in combating stress-related anger:

● Breathing deeply, which is one of the best-and fastest-ways to reduce the intensity of your anger.

● While breathing deeply, repeating a word or phrase that is calming to you, such as "relax," "let it go," or "take it easy."

● Immersing yourself in something you enjoy-perhaps reading, listening to music, gardening, or some other type of activity you find relaxing.

● Getting regular exercise and eating a healthful diet.

You may not be able completely to avoid the people or the things that act as anger triggers, but you can learn to control your reactions to them. This involves changing the way you think.

People with very high expectations tend to have greater problems with anger. Why? Because when someone or something does not measure up to their high standards, disappointment and anger quickly follow. To combat this perfectionist mentality, it is good to keep in mind that "there is not a righteous man, not even one . . . All men have deflected, all of them." (Romans 3:10, 12) Therefore, we set ourselves up for a sense of failure if we think that we or anyone else can be perfect. With God's help and prayer, anyone can learn to control his anger. See Jehovah's Witnesses official website for the complete article in the 3/12 Awake magazine.

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Q: What is a good way for you to overcome your anger issues and control them?
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What is the point of boxing?

boxing is very imporntant because boxing can help young students with anger issues take their anger out in a good way.

I met a girl on MySpace and it was going so good but then my anger got in the way of us and when i got mad i take out on her and now she broke up with me and i really want her back what do i do?

* You have anger issues and you need professional counseling for it or you will destroy one relationship after the other. Many people have anger issues which can be anything from genetic to pent up anger from the time you were much younger and didn't have control over your life. Until you get this help you will only have repeat performances such as you just did. If you commit to seeking help then let this girl know it's your fault, apologize and let her know you are getting help for your anger issues. You need to be responsible for your own actions.

How does a 13 yr old make friends when they have anger issues even though they have some good qualities?

== ==

What makes NBA players superstars?

they respect others when they play and control there anger in a match so they can play good without getting anoyed when they miss the shot, when they miss a shot they control there anger.

What are some good anger management techniques for children?

The number one tip is to be a good role model to your child. Some more tips are unconditional love, helping them to calm down and refocus, give them alternatives to anger, work off your child's anger, and reward them when they control their anger.

Is meditation a good form of anger management?

Meditation is a great form of anger management. I know from personal experience that when I began to get upset and angry, that control my breathing helps greatly, and the breathing involved with meditation helped me be able to compose myself and get my anger under control.

Is it unhealthy to hold back your anger?

Nope, holding back your anger is actually a sign that you have good self-control. But be warned-even though you hold back that anger it's not good to quell it inside you but best if you walk away from the matter and focus your mind else were.

What is meant by the buddha by this quote let a man overcome anger by love let him overcome evil by good let him overcome the greedy by liberality the liar by thruth?

This quote is saying when someone is angry at you, do not be angry back. Love that person and show them love. That is what will stop their anger. When someone is doing evil such as stealing or vandalism or much worse, show them good in that situation. Do not be a bad example to them. Paul states in Matthew5:46 "If you only love those who love you what reward will you get? Are not the tax collectors already doing this?"

What is good and bad anger?

There is no good anger. Anger is an emotion that shows that you are in a bad mood and you are mad about something. There are good ways and bad ways to handle anger. Good ways are to not take anger out on others. If you feel the need to yell at someone than just walk away until you are calmed down. Getting angry with others only makes things worse. Bad anger is when you are angry all the time, and for very simple reasons. For example, if I said something you didn't agree with you shouldn't blow up in my face. You should calmly tell me why you do not agree with it. That's just an example. Bad anger is very bad for you and others around you. If you do have "bad anger" than I suggest you see a anger managment therapist. In my opinion I would not take medication to control your anger because that does not solve the problem just hides it for a little bit. Good Luck!

Is Medusa good or bad?

BAD! She turned people into stone once you looked in her eyes.

Is anger ever legitimate?

Sure. Anger is a natural emotion shared to some degree or other by all of us. The secret to a happy life and good relationships is learning how to control that anger. In the long run anger if used as an excuse for bad behavior or revenge will hurt you far more than it will hurt anyone else.

Is there anyway to control your anger without anger management?

Possibly you can do so on your own, since you see the issue. Recognize when you are getting angry, step back (figuratively) and count to ten, or more, until you feel calm and logical. A friend described the feeling of anger as "feeling like his water was boiling." Classes may give you more tools to get back in control. Some anger is good, but the key is how well it serves your relationships and actions.

What can you do to control your anger?

When i had anger problems. I went to the Metal Health.The lady that was talking to me to control my anger bytaking deep breaths if you start getting out of control. She also told me if you are at home and someone makes you mad then,go to a place were they don't know where your going to be at,and just write down your feelings on the paper instead of taking it out on other people. I have been having trouble with my "Anger" since i was 10. I'm 15 now, and it has helped me allot. Some days you might not be able to hold back your anger and might blow it off,but its good to do that sometimes. Just try to take it out by writing on a piece of paper.

How can a teenager control their anger?

You definatly need to talk to an adult about your anger. In school there should be counslors that can help you. Very important talk to your parents and express to them your frustration and anger. If there part of the anger or feel you can't go to them, then try the school, there should be trained professional that can help you. Or a teacher you trust and tell him or her to help you find a qualified professional to help you. Good luck!!!

What type of help should a person with anger management issues and difficulty with male authority seek?

You should see a therapist who specializes in anger management. Cognitive behavior therapy is good at helping you break bad thinking habits and changing unhealthy response patterns. You will need to work on ways to defuse the anger ahead of time and ways to express anger in a more healthy manner.

Why does Rosalie hale have anger issues?

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Why is anger management good?

== == * Anger management is a skills base class that teaches participants how to change their thinking and behavior. Anger management is good because it helps participants learn essential skills for improving communication, managing stress, becoming more empathic and improving judgment and impulse control. Anger management is also helpful because it teaches participants better coping skills and ways of improving their "anger response". While many participants take anger management classes for a court order, others may take them for personal growth and self improvement. Anger management should not be viewed as punitive, but rather a helpful course in increasing skills. Ari Novick, Ph.D. AJ Novick Group, Inc. - Anger Management * Anger Management can be very successful, but it takes some training and cooperation from the individual. Anger Management gives you the tools to combate stress, taking more control of yourself and understanding other individuals opinions. === ===

What is a good way to take out anger for an 11 year old boy?

I would recommend a physical activity (a safe one though that is not violent). Using this physical exertion can help aleviate your stress and anger. Anger is an emotion that needs to be centered on control. Control that anger by controlling your actions in a mature setting and method. Take a few deep breaths, analyze the reason for being angry. If you feel that your anger is justified go run a mile or two, play baseball, etc. It is important to aleviate your anger in a constructive method as opposed to self destructive method. When you are angry, don't think negative thoughts or ways to harm yourself or others. Practice self control and take a time out for yourself to do something that you enjoy.

What is the good in anger?

There is no good in anger. Your life isn't as fun when you are angry. Plus, it makes everything seem bad. Cheer up :D

How can you overcome anger?

There is nothing wrong with getting angry, anger is just an emotional response. Many good things that has ever happened in history, democracy, human rights, the end of slavery, etc. all happened becasue somebody saw something bad happening, and got mad, and decided to do something about it. What you do with your anger is what makes it good or bad. One way to deal with anger is to try putting it into perspective. Is what's angering you really that important? What is a healthy attitude to take toward it? What actions will best resolve the situation? Angry ones often don't. "Righteous anger" where a person is justifably angry, and controls their temper while they deal with matters, can work wonders. Destructive anger can work... destruction.

How did the Greeks overcome there challenges?

cookies are good

Make a sentence with word anger?

Exercise is a good outlet for stress and anger. Staying out past midnight will anger your dad. Expressing anger in a calm, functional manner is a difficult task. If the dog barks all night, it will anger the whole neighborhood. Jesus lashed out in anger at the merchants selling goods in the holy temple.

What are good similes and metaphors for anger?

Anger was running through my veins like an ongoing rollecoaster

Can driving while angry be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol?

It can be if you let your anger overrule your good sense. Anger can cloud your perceptions, it can cause you to be more aggressive, and it can cause you to take it out on innocent bystanders. If you are not in control, the vehicle is not controlled. It can actually get worse. If the level of anger goes up you could become even more violent.It is true that driving under the influence of anger can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Driving under the influence of anger is also known as road rage.

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