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What is a grain of rock?

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fine grained or coarse grained

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Q: What is a grain of rock?
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What is meaning the grain of the rock?

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Is Basalt a fine grain rock or a coarse grain rock?

it can be both

Is a grain a tiny piece of rock?

A grain can be a tiny piece of rock, yes. A grain can also be a grain of salt, meaning one 'pellet' of salt.

The smallest rock is a grain of what?


What is an allochem?

An allochem is a grain of rock in a carbonate rock.

What is grain according to geologists?

Grain refers to particle or crystal size in rock.

What is the grain shape of marble?

Marble is has no grain so it is classified as a glassy rock.

Is a grain of sand the smallest rock?


What is grain in geology?

the pattern in a rock

What kind of rock has layers and is made from small grain?

Sedimentary Rock

Does gneiss a metamorphic rock have a large grain size or a small grain size?

Gneiss has a small to medium grain size.

What is a type of crystal grain that form when molten rock cools quickly?

fine grain

What else does rock texture include besides grain size and arrangement?

Grain shape.

What sedimetary rock has the smallest grain size?


What is a small grain size rock?


What is the particle that gives a rock texture?


How does a grain of sand become a rock?

it doesnt

Which sedimentary rock has the coarsest grain?


What is the grain shape of a rock such as granite?


Particle that gives rock texture?


What sedimentary rock has the coarsest grain?


What is the grain property of rock fragments?


What is a factor that controls grain size in igneous rock?

It depends on if it is intrusive or extrusive. If it is an intrusive rock, it is formed when magma hardens under the earth and has a larger grain size. If it is an extrusive rock, it is formed when lava hardens on the earth's surface and has a smaller grain size.

What determines the mineral grain size in an igneous rock?

The cooling rate of the rock.

Igneous rock that has two or more grain sizes?

A porphyrytic igneous rock.