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What is the FFFBI? The FFFBI is a place where field agents such as chickens, hamsters, and weasels go on missions to solve cases about cultures in different areas all over the world. For example, one pressing mission concerns a �Cyber Toothed Tiger� villain that is going to corrupt signals in the World Wide Web. Another mission has to do with valuable art work in San Francisco. Napoleon Penguin, Deputy Director of the FFFBI, will tell you the facts of the case and the villains you will need to uncover. Go on a mission. They are fun and will have your brain all warmed up when school starts.

The FFFBI also has fun games you can play online. One game is called �Perp Walk�. A crime has been committed and it is your job to figure out which animal is the culprit. You interview each animal suspect, logically determine the culprit, and point your finger at them in a lineup. It is a great way to test your observation and logic skills! You can also play games like �World Trivia� and even listen to mystery radio dramas.

There are many more fun facts, agent profiles, and global information to explore on this website. There are color graphics and cool audio and video clips to enjoy. Get into the action and help out the agents of the FFFBI.

Also, is a fun and educational site!

I think that Education city is a great website because you have to compete all these games and get a star for each one there are different genres for this website like have to buy it but you get a big result, it excelently if you go on it regulary






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Q: What is a great educational mystery website for kids?
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