What is a green gas airsoft gun?

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A green gas gun is a airsoft gun where you have to put green gas in it. You can get green gas at airsoft websites.

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Q: What is a green gas airsoft gun?
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What type of green gas should you use for my airsoft gun?

Green gas is green gas. It doesn't matter

Do you still have to clean your gas airsoft gun if you use green gas?


Is a gas airsoft gun the same as a co2 airsoft gun?

there are green gas guns red gas guns propane guns and co2 guns. they cant be mixed

Is a lone wolf timberwolf airsoft gun electric?

No, it is green gas.

What is a gas airsoft gun?

An air-soft gun that is powered by CO2 or green or red gas instead of a spring or a battery.

How can you change your green gas airsoft gun into a red gas gun?

Either, paint your green gun red. Or take it back to wal-mart with the receipt and exchange it for the red one.

What do you do when your airsoft green gas pistol fires but the bb does not leave the gun?

Needs to be serviced

What is a red gas airsoft gun?

It's a gas airsoft gun, capable of working with red gas. Red gas has more pressure, so parts of the gun should be sturdier. Usual gas airsoft gun can be operated with red gas, but break quickly.

Are gas airsoft guns always electric?

No they are not always electric because green gas sometimes could harm the gun

Is green gas bad for airsoft guns?

Green gas is required for Gas airsoft guns to work. Usually when you purchase airsoft guns, it will state whether or not the gun is a Spring loaded, CO2 Gas, Green Gas, Or Electric (AEG) Rifle. Best place to go for airsoft guns is That's where I go for all my purchases and I've had nothing but great experiences there with reliable products.

What is the difference between green gas and propane for airsoft guns?

silicone gel is added to green gas, it helps lubricate the gun and some say it lowers the pressure of the gas and can cause less damage to the gun.

How many feet per second can a green gas airsoft gun go?

400-500 fps.

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