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In a vehicle, it is the electrical strap that connects the engine to the rest of the car. The purpose is to make sure all electrical devices have a good electrical connection and to prevent static in the radio.

In appliances it is a wire that connect the appliance to a permanent grounding device. The purpose is to prevent injury to the people who might touch the appliance.

In a vehicle an earth ground strap is also a strap that drains static electricity off the car to the ground. They prevent painful static shocks when exiting the vehicle and eliminate electrostatic discharge ESD responsible for fire at gas stations.

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Q: What is a ground strap?
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Where is the ground strap on a 1995 Ford Ranger?

The ground strap is the battery cable that connects from the negative battery post to ground, usually the chassis.

Why is a ground strap necessary safety feature when transferring fuel?

The ground strap prevents static electricity causing a spark, which could cause a fire.

Where is the ground strap located on a 98 aurora?

On the engine block.

Where does the Ground strap go from the block?

There are 3 different grounds. Engine to body ground. Engine to frame ground. Engine to battery ground.

Broken wire in wheel well of PT Cruiser what is it for?

Its a ground strap

What is the purpose of an anti static wrist strap?

To prevent static damage to electronic components that the wearer of the wist strap is handling. Note, to work the strap must be connected by a wire to a "ground" or "earth" point.

When you remove your horse's saddle you have to Place the strap on the saddle to transport it Place the saddle on the ground or Pull up the stirrups?

AnswerPlace the strap on the saddle to transport it.

When troubleshooting a motherboard problem you should?

make sure you wear a ground strap.

How do you replace ground strap for 2000 silverado?

Unbolt it and buy a new one

Why should you wear an anti-static wrist strap?

An antistatic wrist strap, ESD wrist strap, or ground bracelet is an antistatic device used to safely ground a person working on very sensitive electronic equipment, to prevent the buildup of static electricity on their body, which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD).

What is a ground strap and where would it be located on a 1993 Chevy Silverado truck?

Ground strap on most Chevy engines is on the rear of the passengers side head , goes to the fire wall under heater hoses then to tne frame of the truck

What is the mesh wire that goes from the lower back of engine on the passenger side to frame it is torn on my car so does not connect to anything?

It is a ground strap to ground the engine block to the frame. a broken ground strap could result in improper electrical grounding for ignition and other electrical parts

95 VW no spark?

Check plug wires, distributor, coil, and ground strap.

Location ground strap 1997 Chevy blazer 4.3 Vortec?

The ground strap on a 1997 Chevy Blazer 4.3 Vortec is located along the bottom of the engine near the frame. It ensures that electricity flows properly through the entire vehicle.

What is Copper Grounding Strap?

It is a device that is used to ground vibrating machinery to the ground wire of the device's feeder wire. The strap has extra flexibility that will take the bending and flexing from the machine to the ground terminal. If a wire is used, most times it will stress fracture and break due to the vibration, leaving the device ungrounded.

You are trying to determine the purpose of a wire black with green tracer that is connected to the radio ground strap of a 1998 Plynmouth Voyager Is it some kind of ground or does it have another purp?

its a ground

What kind of guitar strap does billie joe Armstrong use?

I don't think that it is one strap but two straps taped together because it's so slinky and down to the ground, and i can't find any type of strap that looks like that..

A ground strap is typically used with what type of motor mounting system?

With rubber motor mounts.

How do you locate where the ground strap attaches on the engine of 1983 chevy s10 wd pickup?

They generally bolt the ground cable directly to the engine block.

When should you NOT wear a wrist band ground strap?

when working around an exposed cathode ray tube

Does the common and ground wires hookup together on main box?

Yes, just at the main panel and not subpanels. The bonding of ground to neutral may be a screw or strap.

How do you close gap on spark plug?

bend the ground strap with a needle nose pliers until it's where you want it to be.

How do you change gap?

Plug gap, you just bend the ground strap with a pair of needle nose to get the gap you want.

How do you use an anti static mat?

An anti-static mat is usually made of a conductive plastic. Usually, on one corner there is a snap connector. From that snap connector there is a long, (usually GREEN) wire, as well as a coiled wire that goes to a wrist strap. The green wire goes to the round GROUND connector of an AC wall socket. The coiled wire that goes to a wrist strap goes just like that. Wrap the wrist strap around your wrist. The reason for this setup is, through the green wire to the ground connector, you put both the mat and your body at ground potential. It takes the static electricity from your body,via the wrist strap, and from the mat to ground. Be VERY CAREFULL!! YOU MUST KNOW WHERE THE GROUND IS ON AN AC OUTLET TO USE THIS AS I HAVE OUTLINED. If you do not know where the ground pin is on an AC outlet, you should not use it.

Where is the ground strap on a 1993 grand caravan se?

Strap one Alternator mounting bolt to firewall Strap Two Push on connector both sides of motor mount at passengers side front tire Strap Three Transmission mounting bolt (second or third from starter) to inner fender well near battery and/or direct to negative terminal on battery.