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a group of cobras is called a quiver.

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A group of cobras is called a quiver

A group of cobras is called a quiver

Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL: Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL:

NO! the cobras belong to the elapidae family which are a group of highly venomous snakes when the king snakes belong to the colubridae family a non venomous group The reason they are called king cobras is because they are the biggest of the venomous snakes and can kill a man in minutes between 15-120 mins.

King Cobras live in herd of 6 . A herd of King Cobras is called a quiver.

they are called neonates!

Cobras are mainly solitary animals. I have studied snakes for around ten years now & as faar as I know the only time cobras will betogether is to mate.

Cobras are bot a single species. There are around 30 different species of snake that can be called cobras. All are members of the elapid family.

Humans did not 'invent' cobras. Cobras are a kind of snake that belong to the Elapids group. The name 'cobra' was conceived so that one could specify the type of snake more easily.

No, Cobras Are Reptiles.

Normal cobras feed on rats, mice and other rodents. King cobras feed on snakes including cobras.

Cobras are native in Africa.

No. There are no Cobras in Australia.

Yes, cobras have scales.

What is Cobras skin like

At first a cobra will attempt to hide from an enemy, just like any other snake. If cornered a cobra will rear up and spread out its hood to make itself look bigger. If that doesn't work the cobra will bite and inject venom, which is extremely painful and often deadly. One group of cobras, called spitting cobras, will spray venom at enemies, aiming for the eyes to cause blindness.

Orthiophagus hanna, hamadryad.A large venomous snake (Ophiophagus hannah) of southeast Asia and the Philippines that can grow to a length of 5.5 meters (18 feet). Also called hamadryad.

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

It is warm year around in most places where cobras live. Beacuse of this cobras do not hibernate.

No. King cobras are not endangered.

cobras are a type of snake in the family elapidea.

Cobras do not walk, instead they slither.

Cobras hunt by stalking their prey. Then these cobras will strike their prey and let them die before consuming them.

Cobras are snakes, which are reptiles. They are in the family Elapidae, which includes coral snakes, mambas, and tiger snakes.

No king cobras are green and yellow