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A group of gerbils is called a Kyro, it could also be called a horde!

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What group of animals are called a clan?

A group of Gerbils is called a clan.

What is the social group of a gerbil called?

a flock of gerbils

What is the name of a social group of gerbil?

A social group of gerbils is called a 'clan'.

What is a collective noun for a group of gerbils?

Collective nouns for gerbils are a clan of gerbils or a horde of gerbils.

What is a female gerbil called?

Female gerbils are called does, the males are called bucks, a baby is called a pup, and a group of them is called a clan or a horde.

What is a group of gerbils?

Clan or kyro!!

What are baby gerbils called?


Are gerbils mice?

No . . . if they were, then they would be called mice!

What are black gerbils called?

there are many types of black gerbils but mine is called a slate gerbil you can look it up online and find out if this dosent help

What is a gerbils habitat called?

I think its Gerbilus Habitatus

Are gerbils rats?

No. Gerbils are not rats, they are Gerbils.

What is the birth process of gerbils called?

There's no actual name for it

How do wild gerbils cope in the wild for being so small?

In the deserts gerbils bury tunnels underground that they call 'chambours.' And one gerbil is in charge of that one. Gerbils often group up together to defend each other from predators such as Snakes, Birds probably.

Are gerbils diurnal?

In the wild gerbils are diurnal, but in captivity most gerbils are crepuscular.

Do boy gerbils behave better than girl gerbils?

Boy gerbils behave well with both girl and boy gerbils but girl gerbils do not mix well with other girl gerbils. Beware though when pairing girl and boy gerbils there is a large risk of them breeding!

Are gerbils better pets than mice?

well, not necessarily. Gerbils and mice are both rodents, but mice are slightly smaller. I have heard that gerbils are also nicer than mice. I do not know if this is true. Gerbils can be trained to perform tricks, come when it's name is called, and other various things easier than mice. Gerbils also have longer tails, I think. I personally have the idea that mice are cuter, but gerbils are more hardy and productive.

Can anything live with gerbils?

Other gerbils.

Who invented gerbils?

Gerbils are an animal and can not be "invented".

What is your gerbils name?

My Gerbils name is Shiloh and My brothers gerbils name is nibbles I hope I helped you!

What is gerbils enimes?

gerbils enimes are ferrets and birds gerbils hate them ofcourse well hehe ...

Where do gerbils live?

Gerbils live all over the place! There are actually many different species of gerbils. Domesticated gerbils are Mongolian gerbils, which means they are originally from Mongolia. Gerbils are desert animals, so they live in semiarid and arid places, like the deserts of Mongolia.

Can gerbils get fixed?

Male gerbils can be neutered, but it is not recomended. Female gerbils should not be spayed. In general male gerbils should not be neutered unless there is a good reason for it.

Are Gerbils fast?

Gerbils can be fast if you keep them on a good diet. If your Gerbils are fat they will not run very fast.

Are gerbils from the UK?

no gerbils are not originally from the UK but instead from the deserts of Asia. But you can still buy gerbils in the UK

Are there rodents smaller then gerbils?

Yes, mice are smaller than gerbils, but I think gerbils are the right size.