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A group of hornets is called a nest

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Q: What is a group of hornets called?
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What are those giant nocturnal hornets called?

European hornets

What do you call a group of hornets?


What American sport team is called hornets?

In the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets.

Are the hornets a basketball team?

There is a team in the NBA called the Hornets that plays in New Orleans.

Why are the hornets called the hornets?

The Hornets basketball team originated in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team was named after a quote by General Cornwallis to the effect that the people of Charlotte were fierce like hornets.

Where do New Orleans hornets play in?

new Orleans they were originally called the Charlotte hornets but the franchise moved to new Orleans but in the 2013-2014 season they will be called the pelicans

What is a bell hornet?

I have always heard "european hornets" or "giant hornets" called "bell hornets" all my life in central VA. I never learned they were the yellow and black "european hornets" until I researched them on the web only to find out nobody really had heard of "bell hornets". Hope this helps.

What is collective nouns for hornets?

The collective nouns for hornets are a "swarm" or a "nest" of hornets.

What are Halo 3 snow hornets?

"Snow Hornets" are specialized Hornets that only appear on the map Avalanche. The only difference between them and the regular Hornets is that the Snow Hornets have no rocket launchers.

What is the correct collective noun for hornets?

The collective nouns for hornets are a "swarm" or a "nest" of hornets.

When did Kobe join the lakers?

Kobe was drafted by the charlotee hornets in 1996 and was traded by the hornets to the lakers in return for a player called vlade divac in the same year.

How many hornets are in a hornets nest?


Are hornets in England?

Yes, there are hornets in England.

What smells do hornets dislike?

Hornets are sensitive to smells. Smells that hornets dislike and can be used to help the presence of hornets around your home include Pyrethrin or smoke.

Do wasps eat hornets?

NO but Hornets eat bees

Do hornets sleep?

Yes, hornets do sleep at night.

Do hornets pollinate?

Yes, hornets actually do pollinate.

Are hornets nocturnal?

No. Hornets are diurnal.

How long did kobe bryant play for the hornets?

Koe ws drafted by the hornets. He was traded, so he never PLAYED for the hornets.

Are hornets different from wasps?

Hornets are actually a type of wasp.

When was Huntington Hornets created?

Huntington Hornets was created in 1956.

When did Huntington Hornets end?

Huntington Hornets ended in 1957.

When was Glasgow Hornets created?

Glasgow Hornets was created in 2002.

When was Howick Hornets created?

Howick Hornets was created in 1961.

When was Bracknell Hornets created?

Bracknell Hornets was created in 1987.