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There is no particular term for a group of kiwi.

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Q: What is a group of kiwis called?
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What are baby kiwis called?

Kiwis. There is no difference.

What animal group to kiwis belong to?

They are birds.

What are the people of newzealand called?

they are called kiwis

How did kiwi people called kiwis?

Because kiwis are the national bird of new zealand

Which soldiers were called Kiwis?

The New Zealand soldiers

Which is called the land of kiwis?

New Zealand is the land of the Kiwi.

Where in Australia do kiwis grow?

Kiwis are indigenous to New Zealand. Other than Kiwis in Zoos, Kiwis do not grow in Australia.

What is the NZ rugby league team called?

The NZ rugby league team are called the Kiwis

What is the relationship between kiwis and humans?

There is a pretty extensive relationship between kiwis and humans. The relationship between kiwis and humans includes humans eating kiwis.

The kiwis habatat?

Kiwis live in New Zealand.

What is the nickname for New Zea landers?

they are called kiwis (some mind that name though)

What are non flying birds called?

Flightless, e.g. Emus, Ostriches and Kiwis ect.

Kiwis call the english poms what do the english call the kiwis?

That would be "kiwis." They are actually people from New Zealand or New Zealanders.

What food group does kiwi belong to?

Kiwis belong to the food groups of fruit which contains sugars, so fruits and sugars.

Why is the queens birthday important to kiwis?

Coz kiwis are yummy The fruit

Do kiwis have exoskeletons?

Kiwis are birds, and have an internal skeleton known as an endoskeleton.

Why are the Netherlands famous for kiwis?

The Netherlands and/or Holland aren't famous for kiwis.

Is 6 kiwis for 3 euro better than 9 kiwis for 4 euro 32 cent?

I think 9 kiwis are better

Which countries produce the most kiwis?

The flightless bird called a kiwi is native to New Zealand.

What are the two names for the kiwi bird?

Kiwis are just called kiwis. However, there are several species, two of which are known by other names. The Southern brown kiwi is also known as the Tokoeka and the Okarito brown kiwi, which is more commonly just called the Rowi.

Are cassowary flightless birds?

Yes. Cassowaries belong to the group of flightless birds known as ratites. This group includes ostriches, emus, rheas and kiwis, all of which are flightless as well.

Why do australians call new zealanders kiwis?

Because New Zealanders are kiwis

When does the little spotted kiwis go extinct?

when do little spotted kiwis go extinct

Can kiwis fly?

no they can not

What are you doing about your kiwis being extinct?

Kiwis are not extinct. They are endangered. Extinct means they do not exist anymore.