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A group of tigers could be called either a "streak" or a "ambush"
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Why was the baseball team the Tigers called the Tigers?

There are various legends about how the Tigers got their nickname. One involves the orange stripes they wore on their black stockings. Tigers manager George Stallings took credit for the name; however, the name appeared in newspapers before Stallings was manager. Another legend concerns a sportswrit ( Full Answer )

What characteristics that puts the Bengal tiger it into the group?

Some questions are tough.But as a Barbadian,nothing is too HARD.Tigers are beautiful.They are part of the cat family,the have strips,they are yellow & black and they have whisker.If you have more questions....................check me later!!!!!!!!!

Why are tigers called tigers?

well why's an eagle called an eagle.. whys a cow called a cow.. The word "tiger" comes from the Greek word "Tigris" then where did Tigris come from? some guy decided to call them that... its how names start

What is a group of tigers?

Tigers don't live in groups. They are solitary animals. They only come together to mate.

A male tiger is called?

A Gerbera is the name, scientifically it is known as a "lacus macanumas" meaning 'king of the beasts'.

Did Saber Toothed Tigers live in groups?

scientist think so, most sabers fossils are found in groups, so that lead to the thought of them socilizing lolll . yes they did live in packs. (i wonder of they ate each other

Do Bengal tigers like to be in groups of their own?

Tigers, including Bengal tigers, usually don't gather in groups, but in the rare circumstances when they do, the group is called a "streak". All tigers are loners by nature with the females staying with cubs only until they are able to be on their own, then all will go their separate ways.

What do tigers do in a group of tigers?

tigers do not stay in groups they would rather be alone the only time tigers come together is to mate or when a female has cubs

What are the taxonomy groups of a Siberian tiger?

SIBERIAN TIGER ( Panthera tigris altaica ) Domain: Eukarya Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Infraclass: Eutheria Order: Carnivora Suborder: Feliformia Family: Felidae Subfamily: Felinae Genus: Panthera Species: Tig ( Full Answer )

Why is he called Tiger?

When Tiger Woods' father Earl Woods was serving in Vietnam he had a friend who was a member of the Vietnamese army, His name was Vuong Dang Phong, Earl Woods called him Tiger. Earl Woods gave his son the name Tiger in honour of his friend and he has become known as it.

Do tiger snakes live in groups?

I'm no snake expert, but I have seen a group of three in one spot on my farm so I would say yes they can live in groups

Do Bengal tigers live with a group?

No. They are solitary beasts. Female tigers can be spotted with one or two cubs but otherwise they are solitary and do not live in groups

What group does a tiger belong?

Tigers are members of the cat family, the largest cat, and are members of the genus Panthera.

Why are the Detroit Tigers called the Tigers?

There are various legends about how the Tigers got their nickname. One involves the orange stripes they wore on their black stockings. Tigers manager George Stallings took credit for the name; however, the name appeared in newspapers before Stallings was manager. Another legend concerns a sportswrit ( Full Answer )

Do tasmanian tigers live in groups?

Scientists don't have evidence that they did. But it's known thatTasmian Tigers lived alone and hunted alone. The last known livingThylacine died in 1938, so the question is somewhat moot.

Why are Bengal tigers called Bengal tigers?

Because they were originally found in Bengal India, hince the name 'Bengal'. Also tigers from that region are sometimes refered to as 'Indian Tigers'

Why is a tiger eye called tiger eye?

The eye of a tiger is yellow with a black center, the colors shift so they can see at night, the tiger stone has the same colors and when moved up or down or left and right, the colors shift

What do you call a pure black tiger?

There has never been a documented case of total melanism in tigers. However, some have extra wide stripes that may make them appear darker than normal tigers. Caldwell claimed to have pursued maneaters in China that were nearly a blue gray color.

Why tigers don't live in a group?

Because the male's will fight over the female's whilst their in heat and male tigers could kill female tiger cubs

Who wrote the book called tiger tiger?

TIGER, tiger, burning bright. In the forests of the night,. What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry?. If it is this English version then it would be William Blake.

What animal group is white tigers in?

There is no "group" in genetics. Here is the White Tiger's classification: Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Chordata Class - Mammalia Order - Carnivora Family - Felidae Genus - Panthera Species - Tigris The above is the same classification as the regular tiger, since it is only a genetic ( Full Answer )

What is a group of saber-toothed tigers called?

Scientists have chosen to treat the saber tooth tigers as a semi-relative of the big cat species we are familiar with today, using the same names for the different relationships found in today's big cats. Therefore, a group of saber tooth tigers would be called a pride.

Why does tiger live in groups?

Tigers live in groups because they fell more safe as a group and have less chances of other animals killing them.

Why is the Tasmanian tiger called the Tasmanian tiger?

The Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine, was not a tiger, but a carnivorous marsupial. It was not related to the tiger in any way, being a marsupial, but it had a vague resemblance to a small tiger by its colouring. Its fur was grey-brown (not orange, as sometimes depicted), and it had up to 16 black or b ( Full Answer )

Do Bengal tigers hunt for food in a group?

No. Tigers are solitary predators. They live and hunt alone for most of the time. During mating season tigers can be found along with their mating partner. Apart from the mating season, male tigers don't tolerate the presence of other males in their territory. Female tigers can be spotted with one o ( Full Answer )

Why do they call the Bengal tiger a Bengal tiger?

Because the Bengal tiger is origianally from Bangledesh, but Bangledesh is such a long word, that people just went with the Bay of Bengal, and the language spoken there is Bengali.

Does the tiger shark live in a group or alone?

Tiger sharks live on there own. The only time they will be in a group is when they are catching fish but then once they catch the fish they separative to different directions. By Shahid Russell in Berwick Alternative K-8 in 5th Grade Also by Javon Alison in Berwick Alternative K-8 in 5th Grade Also ( Full Answer )

Do Siberian tigers live in groups or families?

Tigers, like cougars and other big cats exempting lions, actually prefer to hunt on their own so that they don't have to share (they're quite greedy), so during spring and other times when prey is abundant they usually go off on their own or in pairs of a male and his mate. However, during heavy win ( Full Answer )

Does a tiger live on its own or in groups?

Unlike their relative the lion, tigers are much less social. Only coming together to mate. Females with cubs are the only other reason more than one may be seen together.

Why tigers don't live in groupe?

Tigers evolved as lone hunters mainly because of the habitats they occur in. Lions, being found in more open country, needed to associate to increase their chances of obtaining food. Tigers are animals of forests and jungles, and use this cover to approach prey unseen.

What did the group Tamil Tigers do?

The men were extradited on charges of supporting the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan separatist group, and had been sought by the United States since 2006.

Which group was nicknamed 'The Flying Tigers'?

The Flying Tigers were a volunteer group that there part of the Chinese air force. They flew in between 1941-1942 and were comprised of United States pilots from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.