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Q: What is a hair dressers gross annual income?
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What would i have to do to work as a hair dressers?

Cut hair

How can you get your hair coloured?

buy some hair dye or go to the hair dressers.

What do you call ladys that cut hair?

Hair Stylist,Hair Dressers or Salonists.

Looking for where to find hair feather for female dancers.?

A good place to find hair feathers is to go to your local hair dressers. Many hair dressers carry these kind of hair feathers around the world in many countries.

What product can you use to keep your hair straight?

you can get your hair chemicaly strightend at your hair dressers

what schooling do hair dressers require?

Hair dressers must obtain certification to get a job. Some popular national schools are Empire ( and Jean Madeline (

How much money does a hairdresser earn in Russia?

The amount of money that a hair dresser earns in Russia depends on their skill. Good hair dressers will earn more than new and inexperienced hair dressers.

How do hair dressers use math?

Hair dressers would use math in making change for a person, mixing of hair colours (mixing colour with developer in 2/3 to 1/3 ratios).

What was happening before there were newscasts?

Hair dressers

What do hair dressers make?

$9.25 an hour

Another word for hair dressers?


What pay do hair dressers get?

it depends who you go to!

Where is the best hair dressers?

California and Ohio

Can 13 year old sweep floors at a hair dressers in liasa robbers in barnstaple?

Can 13 year old sweep floors at hair dressers in liasa robbots in barnstaple

How do you make your hair curly at the ends?

ghd itor go to a hair dressers

Can you open a hair and nail salon with a nail tech license?

Yes. Anyone can open a hair and nail salon, but you cannot do hair unless you are a licensed hair dresser. You will have to hire hair dressers, or "rent chairs" to hair dressers. But you would be the owner, which would give you complete control over your salon.

How do you get your wavy hair permanently curly?

you could get a perm or semi perm at the hair dressers

How do you add natural blond highlights to light brown hair?

go to the hair dressers :D

Why did fringebag cross the road?

she was trying to get away from the hair dressers.

Are all hair dressers gay?

Of course not! All of them are licensed by the state to cut, trim and color hair.

Where can hair dressers work?

Hair dressers can work in beauty salons, on cruise ships, they can work as photo stylists, hospitals, beauty supply stores, beauty schools as instructors, they can be salon owners and work for themselves or as a marketing associate for beauty and hair care products.

How do hairdressers use maths?

hair dressers use maths by making measurements in hair colour mix and cuting hair and the money!

What is the average tip for hair dressers in New York City?

The average tipping rate for hair dressers in New York City is usually twenty percent of the overall price of services render to the customer. The tip can be paid individually to each hair dresser involved or to the main one that worked on the hair.

If i have Long hair and a fringe How do you look like an emo?

Well, If you want Emo hair, you can go to the hair dressers and ask for Scene hair, basicly. I have Scene hair,

How do you get a bob?

you go to the hair dressers and get your hair cutt off or you can get a brother named bob XD