What is a hard money loan?

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A hard money loan is a "Specific type of loan where a borrower takes funds based on the value of undeveloped real estate. Hard money loans are usually issued at higher interest rates than commercial mortgages." according to sites like

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Q: What is a hard money loan?
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Related questions

Can you change your loan from a hard money loan back to a convetional loan?

refinance the hard money loan back to a conventional bank loan

What do you need to know about hard money loan?

a hard money loan requires a fairly high up front fee, and has a high interest rate.

A person who loans money?

there are several kinds of people who loan money. There are banks that loan, investors that invest, private money lenders who loan, hard money lenders etc.

How do you use hard money in a sentence?

The investor gave hard money to the farmers. Hard money is a type of loan given by private contractors.

What is a private hard money lender?

A Private hard money lender is what is considered to be a loan shark. This should be your very last resort in obtaining a loan. It is a very risky entitity to get involved with a loan shark.

What do hard money lenders do?

A hard money lender is the person who offers you money loan which is actually an asset-based loan financing. The process is usually about the borrower acquiring funds that are secured by real property.

What is meant be commercial hard money loans?

Commercial hard money loan is a type of private funding for the people who need immediate finance to buy a property or close a land deal. Hard Money Commercial Loans is of great help for the people who are unable to meet the standard banking criteria, but has real estate and or assets that are sufficient to collateralize the loan to the investors/lenders.

How can you find an investor to loan you money for a house?

look for private money lenders or hard money lenders on the internet.

How much higher is the interest rate from a hard money lender if you can't get a loan from a traditional bank?

The interest rate on a hard money loan is substantially higher than that of a traditional bank loan because they do not conform to the traditional banking standards. Hard money loans tend to be used for short term uses from real estate investors who plan to not carry the loan for very long.

What are the risks associated with a hard money loan?

The risks associated with a hard money loan is that you have to pay 10-15 percent more. The second is, that you are really in troubles, if you lose your job, because you still have to pay monthly!

How does a hard money lender make his profits?

A hard money lender provides a short term loan with a high interest rate and fees. Further a hard money lender will only lend if in an equity position.

What are the requirements for commercial hard money loans?

A commercial hard money loan is a loan based off the quick-sale price of a commercial property. The main requirement would be that the person applying, own the property that would be put up as collateral.

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