Harvest Moon (video game)

What is a heart event in harvest moon Island of Happiness?


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A heart event is where you interact with a bachelor/bachelorette to make them like you more. If you give presents to the character you want to marry daily, you will make their affection for you go up, there are many heart stages. A heart stage is the color of their heart. ex.blue is a heart stage. During a heart stage, you are likely to run into a heart event. When you walk in to see them, you might walk up to them or you might see talking. It might look a little strange because your character is doing things you did not command. It is like a little scene. Sooner or later, you will probably get to respond to what the character is telling you, choose what you would say. It usually affects their feelings toward you, so don't be rude! actually you can find what she/he likes in the 'characters' tabs.