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A group of Lions are known as a Pride of Lions

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A group of lions is usually called a pride.

A herd or group of sea lions are called a colony. A group of sea lions can also be referred to as a pod.

first off a group of lions is called a pride

Neither, lions live in groups called prides.

lions often roam alone. lions don't like to roam in herd.

A bunch of lions living together are called a pride.

No, a group of lions is called a pride. Herds are usually groups of grazing animals such as zebras or antelope.

No, you can't herd (round up) Lions.

only the female lions ... Well there is your answer !! In the herd of lions there is one dominant male and the rest are females, the females only mate with the dominant male of the herd, hope this was helpful!

A herd.A herd.A herd.A herd.A herd.A herd.

the naswer is that instead of a flock or a heard a load of penguins is called a rookery of penguins :P hope this helps aaronator p.s i didnt take this answer from the question 2 below, honest lol :P bye And for the record, lions aren't a herd.

Simply called a herd.A group of alpaca is called a herd. == ==

In his dream he saw a pride of lions roaring and chasing a herd of deer

No, a horse herd is not called a harem it is just called a wild horse herd.

A group of elephants is called a herd or parade.a group of elephants is called a herd

a group of horses is called a herd

A pride of 14 lions can and will kill an elephant when the elephant is not in a large herd.

He was attacked by a herd of lions in 2007.

It is called a herd. As in: A herd of horses.

A group of reindeer is called a herd.

"Pride" is the word used for a group of lions, like a herd of cows or a flock of geese.

Any group of grazing animals is called a herd. for example, heard of cattle or a herd of horses.

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