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What is a high IQ for a 13 year old?

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When considering the IQ test, normal intelligence or an average level of intelligence is said to lie between 90-100 points. Between 100 and 110 indicates higher intelligence, from 110-120 is extremely high intelligence (about 2 percent of the population), and above 130 implies that the tested individual is of a superb intelligence (about 8 percent of the population). Genius levels are past 140 according to Mensa International.

Your IQ score is independent of your age, so if tested properly, your IQ should remain the same throughout your life.

Anything above about 120 would be exceedingly good for anyone, to directly answer the question.

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That is a high IQ. The average IQ is 100.

noi have the IQ of 119 and im only 13 so its about average

IQ tests are designed to always have an average of 100. So the average IQ for a 13 year old girl is 100.

An average IQ is 100. An IQ of 120 is high for anyone.

94 is a perfectly normal IQ. But IQ has absolutely nothing to do with age. Your IQ is the same no matter what age you are.

There is no average IQ for any age.

No, 150 is a very high score- well into the genius range.

225 is a high IQ for an 11 year old. This is the highest known current I.Q. in the world for an 11 year old currently known.

i just turn 17 yesterdaY but my IQ is 145 and that is a high to average IQ for a 17 year old

An IQ score of 124 is good no matter what your age. Remember, the average IQ is 100.

IQ has nothing to do with age. Average IQ for ANY age is 100.

IQ has nothing to do with age. 100 is an average IQ for any age.

Yes, but IQ has nothing to do with age. But your IQ will change in time if it is not.

That would be an amazing IQ score for a 6 year old. I am 16 and my IQ is considered high and it is 121.

The average IQ for any people is 100

124 is pretty good for a 13 year old.

An IQ of 100 is average. An IQ of 200 is very high.

I am a 13 year old and I have an IQ of 110. I guess itdepends on how old you are. Hope t his helps!! :)

Yes I got 140 IQ at my school and I am a 13 year old and they couldnt believe it.The average is 100-110 and genius is 150 IQ so it is a very good IQ and you can join Mensa.

Yes, as the average IQ for an adult is 100.

It is slightly above average, and IQ has nothing to do with age. Your IQ would be the same no matter how old you were. -thanks for the answer

No the average is 100 IQ points

The average IQ of everybody of any age is 100. IQ tests take age into consideration.

The average IQ is 100. It does not go by age unless say a 20 year old got 102 and a 13 year old kid got 102, well then the 13 year old kid is smarter cause a 20 year old should know more then a 13 year old

An IQ of 125 is a high IQ for a 40 year old, let alone a nine year old. However, while it is quite high, it might progress even further, but don't expect too much more. Usually, it stays the same throughout the rest of your life. But yes, it is a high IQ, considering the global average is 100.

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