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In the US government the President is higher, but in a company the CEO is the highest. In order to clarify this it should be noted that the office of CEO does not exist in the US Government. Also, in the business world a person can be both the CEO, Chief Executive Officer and President.

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Q: What is a higher rank CEO or president?
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Who is higher in rank a president or ceo?

Cheif execitave officer

What is Higher in rank MD Or CEO?

A Ceo

Is the CEO higher than the President?

Yes CEO is higher than the president

Is the CEO higher than the President of a company?

CEO is higher.

Which is higher CEO or president?


Is the CEO higher than president?


Is the Board Chairman the CEO?

No, The Board Chairman is a Higher rank than the CEO, and With the Board's Consent, They can Fire the CEO whenever they like.

What is a higher rank Chief Operations Officer or Vice President?

what is higher in rank a chief officer or a vice president??

Sentence Format - President and CEO or President and CEO?

"President and CEO"

Do i write President and CEO or president and CEO in my press release?

"President and CEO"

What is the ranking order of ceo president coo cfo?

Does a CFO outrank a COO and after these two positions what would be the next in rank

What is the difference in CEO and President in non profit organizations?

One is on higher pay than other

Is the coo higher than the president?

No The president of a company is the CEO (chief executive officer) while the COO is the chief operating officer.

Who becomes the president if he were to die?

The Vice President.. If The VP dies then the next higher up rank takes his place

When was Alain Belda named CEO of Alcoa?

1999-2001, CEO and president; 2001-, chairman, CEO, and president.

Who has the most authority president or CEO?


Who is the CEO of coke?

Muhtar Kent, President & CEO

Which two positions are the highest in a company?

The Owner is the Big Boss who employs or elects the President and/or CEO of their company.The President is the highest paid employee of a company. The CEO stands of Chief Executive Officer and is a member of a board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Commitee.It is debatable whether a CEO or President is higher than each other though.

Which is a higher rank a captain or a general?

General is the higher rank.

Who is higher in rank sergeant or corporal?

Sergeant is the higher rank.

Which is a higher rank corporal or colonel?

Colonel is the higher rank.

Who has a higher rank a sergeant or a corporal?

Sergeant is the higher rank.

Who is the president or CEO of Home Depot?

The Home Depot chairman, president and CEO Frank Blake

Who is the CEO and President of Walmart?

The Walmart CEO is Mike Duke

When was Charles Bell promoted to CEO?

2004-, CEO and president