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A 'Hitchcock Blonde' is an actress/character type that was frequently used by film director Alfred Hitchcock in his movies and for whom he appeared to have an obsessive fascination. They were beautiful, sexy, smart and sophisticated but also icy, strong and fearless; "a cool surface with an inner fire". Actresses that typified the 'Hitchcock Blonde' were Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Eva Marie Saint among others.

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Q: What is a hitchcock blonde?
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What was a hitchcock blonde?

Hitchcock was partial to blonde women, and used a famous blonde actress in nearly all of his movies. Some of the more famous Hitchcock blondes were Grace Kelly, Tippi Hedren, Janet Leigh and Eva Marie Saint. These could be called "icy blondes" : female characters who were usually unattainable and cool.

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