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It is the ideal living conditions for our body

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Q: What is a homestasis?
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What would happen to your body if you could not maintain homestasis?


What behavior is common to both plants and animals?

maintenance of homeostasismaintenance of homestasis

What hormone work with calatonin to regulate homestasis?

triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4)

What is the homestasis?

the ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal conditions stable. ChromeZe :)

Thick cord of nerves that run from the brain down through the column of vertebrae?


What is the process by which an organism's internal environment is kept satble?

Homestasis and I think u mean stable

How does the immune system help your body maitain homestasis?

It fights of pathogens, like bacteria and viruses.

What is homestasis?

homeostasis is keeping constant conditions within a cell or organism despite external charges

What is the standard level of homestasis called?

Normal level of homeostasis is just called : Maintaining Homeostasis.

How does the circulatory system maintain homestasis?

homeostasis is maintained through hormones the circulatory system will send to the brain.

What function does kidney have in the body?

many functions, regulate blood pressure, homestasis, and remove waste from blood,

How do lions maintain homestasis?

the maintain their homeostasis because catching their pray they run alot and exercise while doing it.

How does the body maintain homeostasis with hypothermia?

The body attempts to regain homestasis through shivering and blood vessel contraction.

What hormone secreted by fat cells travels to the brain and controls the balance of food intake and energy expenditure?


Why does the polar bear have to maintain homeostasis?

a polar bear must maintain homestasis because otherwise it will not, putting it in fatal conditions, such as death. :(

The transfer of specific molecules through the cell membranes is an important factor in the process of?

homestasis NOT cytoplasmic flow, or moitic division, nor nuclear transfer

How does the endocrine system help the body maintain homestasis?

The endocrine system produce hormones that are used to control different functions of the body thus performing homeostasis.

How does the mammalian kidneys help maintain homestasis?

Batman killed the joker in movie 2. It has been thought however cat woman did this. but cat woman was introduced only after

How do alveoli help maintain homestasis?

They provide a space for the gas exchange to occur where carbon dioxide is dropped off and oxygen is picked up by the circulatory system.

What are the two major functions of the small intestine?

The two major functions of the small intestine in that is the obsorbtion of nutriance and helping to rid of wastes that the body doesnt need to maintain homestasis.

What does the endocrine system do?

The endocrine system which is formed of all endocrine glands of body which along with nervous system of body, controls and coordinates the body functions and maintains a homestasis inside the body.

What is the homeostasis of an ostrich?

The answer to your question is what lies beneath you. It is not what is the homeostais of an ostrich, but it is who is the homeostaiss of an ostrich. An ostrich has 8 homestasis livning vivid organisms. wind, water, earth, fire, venus, jupiter, ground, vegetables.

When a person's level of physical activity changes the circulatory system supplies body cells with amounts of nutrients and oxygen that are appropriate to sustain the new level of activity?

A. homeostasisThis is from a castle learning.homestasis

Can microbes cause a disruption in homeostasis?

I am working on a science essay right now i think they can if microbes includes disease causing pathogens because a fever is a disruption of homestasis and the body purposly does this to help fight an infection

What organelle controls homeostasis?

Not one certain organelle controls homestasis . homeostasis is when your body is normal or in balance . so if your sick then your body will reguratate also know as throwing up . your body does this to get the bad toxins out so your body can not be sick so in other words its maintaining homeostasis.